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With Samsung s20’s About to be Released why is the Samsung s10 Series such a Viable Option

by Kerry Dawson

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There is no doubt the Samsung s20’s takes mobile phones to a whole new level but so does the pricing. The s20s are to be released as follows:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 release date is Friday, March 6 in the US, Australia and the UAE, and Friday, March 13 in the UK

Samsung’s new series will be out very shortly but everyone should take pause before buying right away and consider what we currently have and at what price.

The Samsung s10 Series of Phones were already Significant and can be had for a lot Less

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There are many who just have to have the latest and the greatest but in the case of the new Samsung s20 phones people will pay quite the penny and one has to ask is it worth it. Or better still, is it worth it from where you currently sit.

If you have the Samsung s10 or s10+ the need to upgrade is probably very little as you already have an advanced Android phone to this day. For those with the Samsung s10e the choice of this phone suggests a budget consciousness which is not represented in Samsung’s new flagship series.

Smartphones at the upper tier are already getting ridiculously expensive. It’s hard to imagine that Samsung could actually make all iPhones look reasonable by comparison yet they do.

The Samsung s10+ is Already One Heck of a Phone

The s10+ certainly did not come in at a bargain basement price but when you view it from the new pricing relative to the s20s it is exactly that to a degree. You have with the Samsung s10+ a top notch Samsung phone that basically does what 11 does but lacking a few improvements.

One of the most significant improvements is the flatter screen as opposed to the curved screen of the Samsung s10+. The curved screen looked cool but it actually was a downside in that accidental touches happened, getting screen protectors was difficult and it distorted the visual field at the edge. Gone is this problem.

The second major thing the s20 brings to the table is a much enhanced 865 processor which allows with the bigger battery a 120 MHZ screen refresh making the phone feel buttery smooth.

The third thing which I don’t feel is that important is the cameras and the 108 megapixel closeup. Yes, it is an engineering feet but how important is this. Thus I place this down the list.

The Samsung s10+ though does it all and for a significantly reduced price. People have become price sensitive and Samsung is really pressing the bounds of what is acceptable. Time will tell here.

Although the s20 is currently all the rage there is a good case to be made for buying a Samsung s10+. This constant swapping of phones to upgrade then upgrade then upgrade some more is defeating the overall purpose of providing good smartphones that enable us without bankrupting us.

At the End of the Day

The Samsung s20 phones are something to behold. However, I feel that software is key to the value of your phone and the iPhone can’t be beat on that front. Your iPhone will play in the software ecosystem for Apple extremely well. What encourages me is software is being ported all the time to the Android platform which is a good thing for a variety of reasons.

Much of the software that is essential to good operation is available on Android and can play very well in the Mac ecosystem. This is ensures that we have a competitive environment and no one player has a choke hold on the environment. Competition helps to keep prices in line and innovation rolling. Cross platform and open systems is the way of the future but currently the Apple environment leads in terms of the sheer quanity of good software.

The s20 can be all that it is but without good software it labors. Thus, although there is a good case to be made for the Samsung s10+ from a pricing perspective, the iPhone has the software. There is probably a role for all of these devices based on need, use and price but it is getting difficult to differentiate these various aspects. For many who want leading edge hardware, a great design and are happy with that which Android can provide the Samsung s10 + will be a very viable option saving money. For others not concerned about money they will go for the absolute best and for those looking for the greatest level of compatibility the iPhone will remain their cup of tea.

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