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Apple has dropped $110 in two Weeks from its High

by Kerry Dawson

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This is unbelievable. It is hard to know what to even say. Apple has dropped $110 from its high of $320. I’ve heard Apple might fall to $200 tomorrow. This is a high value stock and the stuff Apple is doing is not only integral to our world and the way we do things now, it is basically integral to all. This is a high value stock which is falling through the floor.

Everything Apple is currently Doing is On the Money

Apple has just introduced a slew of product and they have never been so clear headed. Their strategy makes sense and is extremely logical. I would forget what the Youtubers are saying about the products as there is a serious disconnect between what Apple is doing and the value of their stock. That is, it should have kept climbing not falling off a cliff.

No one now knows where this will stop but if you were planning on selling something technical you’re likely to get few if any offers. This pandemic is causing people to be overly nervous financially. Regardless, the numbers are the numbers.

Trump could have handled this thing so differently and at least shown some kind of leadership in the midst of a crisis. Rather, he decided he wasn’t interested and here we are with Apple falling through the floor.

Many people, who were already nervous about retirement, are wiped out. Literally. Things are happening so fast, it’s impossible to keep on top of this. There is no rational strategy for dealing with this. You can’t even say hunker down as you’ll likely find out its over.

The Virus is one thing; The Impact Another

The virus is causing global upheaval as people try to figure out the best way of not getting sick. However, the economy is now very sick. If we knew it was going to end soon, there would be a rally as these stocks would be seen as a real deal. However, this seems very unlikely to happen. The longer this goes on, the more disruptive this will be to normal human function. Tech has become so ingrained now in the function of the economy that if anything should happen to it we are at its mercy. Tech we could easily say is merciless and simply follows our plan but it does take on a life of its own. This seems to be where were at for now. Not knowing!

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