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iPad Pro: The Keyboard Finally Makes the Device

by Kerry Dawson

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The iPad has been a novel and unique product from the beginning. It has also enjoyed great success. When the pencil came along it rounded out the system and made it all that more whole. It cannot be argued that for many it enhanced its value tremendously.

However, with the introduction by Apple of a truly worthy keyboard with exceptional functionality, they have again enhanced the product dramatically. It now is a fully rounded system that can meet a variety of needs that it could not in the past.

Third Party Keyboards

Third party keyboards for the iPad have always been around to try to take advantage of this gaping hole in the product’s capability. By making the keyboard nicer to type on with backlit keys they enhanced the experience that you had with the device.

When Apple introduced their own keyboard they did it in such a half hearted way that you felt ripped off. The keyboard was expensive, not backlit and the typing experience was sub-par. People liked the smart aspect of the connectivity but that’s about all you could say this keyboard offered to a user. Compared to keyboards from the likes of Logitech it paled in comparison.

Apple likely stymied the ipad keyboard to prevent it from encroaching on its typing machines like the iMac and the Macbook Pro’s. However, this was a mistake as the Macs, due to the nature of the build and OSX stood apart from the iPad. It’s not that the iPad couldn’t do it for a user and be the machine of machines it’s simply the Macbook’s etc were computers properly designed to multi-task and be typed on. They had a flavour that was different though some could use their iPad to meet all their needs ad some could not.

The New Keyboard

No one knows the iPad better than Apple. With the introduction of the new keyboard, they in one fell swoop rewrote the definition of the iPad. The device is now a nicely rounded system that can be worked on in an variety of ways allowing tremendous flexibility. They are powerful, quiet and capable machines which can be a students best friend. As an example, when a student takes notes, it is not just words they are capturing. They have to capture information of the same quality as that of paper. Now, a person can type out their notes, which is far more efficient and accurate; doodle around with the note using the pencil to draw attention to something; draw something important to the context of the note and have it all bundled up like paper but with far more flexibility and speed.

The new Apple keyboard is expensive but it also full featured. Apple knows how to do something right if they put their mind to it. Since the iPad is their product, they know how to fully round it out to make it a complete, productive system and they’ve done that.

New iPad Pro, Pencil and Keyboard a Complete System

You are not required to buy all these components of your iPad to make a complete system but they are now all there. The pencil was a hit from its introduction and was simply improved upon. When the keyboard was introduced it wasn’t viewed that positively so there was a place for third party keyboard manufacturers. However, now they have produced an ideal keyboard that has a trackpad, nice keys with proper feedback functionality all bundled around one very powerful device.

There is still a place for third party manufacturers of keyboards if a reduced price is what you’re looking for. Apple though is now providing the complete bundle all nicely wrapped up when the case is closed and ready to go when open. For those that want a complete system which is likely the best, the choice of the Apple products makes the most sense. Apple appears to have done the right thing and are getting the reviews to support their efforts.

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