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LG’s v60 Could be a Real Hit

by Kerry Dawson

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LG has rolled out and is rolling out its next major phone the LG v60. LG has had in the past some very dynamic phones and have led in music reproduction and they were the first to do the popular wide angle camera lense.

Their v50 flew under the radar but this is quite common for LG. However, if LG does it right they could have quite the hit with the v60. The device is getting excellent reviews and it seems to be priced right.

Why the V60

It could have been the v50 but LG does a terrible job at promoting their own products. The LG V50 was a fascinating phone that really could have done well but if the company doesn’t have the focus they need around their product, great reviews often won’t get it to take off. The LG V50 never did and yet it had a unique two display system allowing you to look at you data in different ways.

The V60 so far has ended up in the Youtubers hands and they basically love it. It uncannily is designed very similarly to the Samsung s10+ which was always liked in terms of design. The v60 has a great design.

Further it is loaded with all the best technology. It has a 865 Snapdragon CPU and has ample memory (8 gig) in a 6.8″ pOLED display and a huge 5000 milliamp battery. However, they have the 60 MHZ refresh on the screen but the device is still smooth with its 865 processor. The excesses of the s20 line have been curtailed by Samsung and the market might primed for this.

That is, users are starting to suffer from price exhaustion. Phones keep coming priced higher than the phone before it or even the Apple iPhone always known for its high prices. Against the Samsung the iPhone is looking quite reasonable yet they are player with the best software in town.

LG’s v60 seems to have hit that nice balance between the essentials and the nice to haves but not necessary to haves. Thus the phone is not insanely priced. Yet, you have one hardy device that includes, if you want it, a dual screen to review your information more carefully.

Hopefully LG does it right and they have a Winner on their hands

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The v60 is not a budget phone nor is it a phone that is as expensive as it can get. It is a high quality phone that has just the right mix of features to make it appear as a full fledged, high end phone. This is exactly what many of us have been looking for.

In reality, there is little reason the LG should fail. It has just the right mix of high end features with a price though expensive can be considered palatable. The problem in the past with LG is if you wanted one of their phones the question was where did you go to buy it. In the States it is an exclusive phone to carriers so the unlocked variant doesn’t exist yet. When the unlocked variant becomes available anyone will be able to buy the phone and put it to use. Currently, the lock in curtails some as there are many that are dead set against anything but unlocked phones. Hopefully, this will not be the norm for this phone for as I said the success of the phone is reliant of LG and their delivery mechanism.

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