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Nimbus Note when You Need a Powerful Note Taker that is Cross Platform

by Kerry Dawson

Nimbus Notes

More and more products are becoming cross platform such as Evernote and Zoho Notebooks or the likes of Microsoft’s Onenote. However, for those who prefer the hierarchical style of DEVONthink from DEVONtechnologies with its power to contain anything or to create wiki style notes, Nimbus Note is probably a good cross platform substitute. In fact, it is this style of Notebook that provides the best flexibility to grow yet feel in control.

Multiple Notebooks

Just like DEVONthink, an Apple only Notebook database style system, Nimbus Note has the ability to have multiple Notebooks within it. So instead of stuffing everything into one Notebook, you might have a general Notebook, a Personal one and one for your work activities. Or further, you might have a Financial and Computer or Research related Notebook. The sky really is the limit.

This makes it easier to have your Notes related to an area such as work and then all Notes relative to the area go under that Notebook. It is just a way to make your Notes more efficient.

A Notebook for all Systems

When I say Nimbus Note is cross platform it is truly that in both the apps it supports and a web version. From an app perspective it runs natively on OSX, IOS (not iPad) and Android. Then to ensure you can get at your notes anywhere there is a web based interface which looks exactly like the apps. If you forgot your device, if you can get to the internet you can get to your Notes. This is a relatively unique capability.

A Researchers Paradise


DEVONthink is often used by researchers due to it’s database style structure and ability to hold all kinds of information. Nimbus Notes uses a unique architecture with its Notes so that a note can be structure with different elements.

Added to this, you can use Nimbus Clipper and Capture to grab all kinds of web related material making it ideal for the researcher. The hierarchical structure combined with the ability to have multiple Notebooks allows data capture to be as efficient as possible. Add to that the structural style of a Note to hold different kinds of elements and you have a very powerful system.

And All Cross Platform

This Notes system is good in design in its own right. Hierarchically structured Note takers are the best in that the relationships build in the hierarchy. However, add to this the ability to have multiple notes databases and you then contain notes to their area. However, relationships can be drawn between Notes and the databases through links.

Finally, a Note itself has what is referred to as multiple blocks and can hold different components. One block might contain a PDF followed by another block that is plain text. Then you might have a block that is indented with bulleted points. This same note though might also contain an image and on it goes.

This structure can then carry across to your Android or iPhone and can be produced on the web. This multi structured Notes system is very powerful and can compete with DEVONthink and is preferable to the structure of Evernote. Like DEVONthink, this is a very fluid environment.

Paperless Office


DEVONthink is often associated with the paperless office in that you can take your scanned images of receipts or what have you and drop them as a note into the DEVONthink database. Slightly different from DEVONthink, you can take your scanned image and drop it into a created Note and then title and tag the note.

All your paper documents can be brought into Nimbus Note and accessed from your mobile system. Lets say you’re going to a store to return something and you need the receipt. Instead of printing the receipt, just show it to the store clerk from your mobile. Here you have just saved some paper. However, further you could have your receipts emailed to you making them easier to find and if stored in Nimbus Note a central repository for paper documents. In fact, if you do get a paper document as a receipt scan it into the system for easier retrieval.

Team or Remote Access

Unlike DEVONthink, remote access to a Note is a given in Nimbus Note. When you need someone, either in your team or someone else such as an accountant, to view information you have send a link to retrieve the Note across the internet. There is no need to email your notes when a link will provide the access.

Again, it is about efficiency. This is far better than sending documents though email. There is no concern about size and an smtp server not transferring something due to size. People in a work team would easily be able to share information. This is another reason cross platform is beneficial as you never know what device a person is working with. DEVONthink limits you to IOS whereas Nimbus Note provides both IOS devices and Android access and then there is the web interface which provides anyone with access to the internet the ability to participate in shared information.

When it can be Done Cross Platform that’s the Way to Go

My suggestion would be to choose software that is cross platform in the first place as it may be immediately necessary or down the road necessary. Android devices are becoming more visible in North America and not everything is Apple. When thinking of a shared environment or even just your own environment, should you need IOS or Android or access by both then it is of great benefit to have cross platform software in play.

Those that are sticking to one environment are being very short sighted especially if their software a team orientation to it. One piece of software that stands out as a category is that of task or todo management. Software that plays in this category often might have to play in a team environment.

One piece of very prominent software that is sticking solely to IOS is OmniFocus and long term that is a mistake. It is seen as high end GTD software and to think that such software would only be relevant to a specific person is a lack of vision. Such software could easily find itself in a work group situation where numerous people have to play to the tune of the stuff that needs doing and there is no guarantee that everyone would be using IOS.

Further, even if you’re IOS today and have been since product hit the market in 2007, there is no guarantee you will always want to use an IOS device. You may, for some reason or another, prefer to use an Android device. If you’re using software that is limited to one environment, you are limiting yourself. Long term, something like Nimbus Note is far more beneficial for a variety reasons but one important one is the flexibility it engenders by being cross platform.

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