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Retrospect Backup Software v17 has been Released for the Mac

by Kerry Dawson


Protecting your system and specifically your data is paramount. Some things you might be able to afford to loose such as an old, dated document but if you lost your photos they definitely cannot be reproduced. Certain data is just very critical and for some all their data is critical.

Although Apple has Time Machine included for simple backup which is very effective, it is not wise to rely on one system alone. In this case, a solid, well respected third party app should also be used for backup. That way, if one system fails, you can revert to another to recover your data.

Retrospect a Solid Solution Has Just Released v17

For the individual, Retrospect v17 would seem to offer little. It is tailored for large, enterprise deployments. Regardless, Retrospect is such a well regarded and fine product that it is suited to the individual who wants to be very careful with data backups. The individual will likely find v17 faster than previous versions but will have the solidity they have come to expect.

I like to have two rotating backups that build over time. My backups are:

  • Full Disk daily
  • Home Folder 3 times a day

I backup to a 3.5 gig drive and know I can go fairly far back in time for an important file I’ve say accidentally deleted. Retrospect is solid and although it takes a few seconds to begin either the backup process or the restore process it is well worth the time as your file will be there and in tack.

Seems Like a Large Disk

You don’t have to use a 3.5 gig disk if you don’t want to but what this does is ensure I can go fairly far back in time for a file. This sense of safety along with Time Machine is so worthwhile as it is too easy to loose digital content. One accidental delete or file corruption and you will thank your lucky stars you have these backups.

A good backup system reduces stress as you know that you will have a file of some version in your backup. Let’s say you’re writing a document and you don’t like what you have done in the last couple of days. Go back two days and restore the document and then compare them to see if you really don’t like what you’ve added. If you don’t start with the two day old document and maybe there are parts of the new document you like; add that and then continue on.

Retrospect has a long, solid history. Although it might seem expensive at first, unlike many backup solutions it’s been around for a long time. This consistency of life plus it’s reputation provides even more security. Whatever you do, don’t forget to backup.

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