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Samsung s20 Phones are far too Expensive

by Kerry Dawson


Android provides a competitive alternative to Apple’s IOS. Of the Android players, Samsung dominates. They actually have developed their own ecosystem made up of the buds, the tablet, watch and of course Smartphones.

Samsung has done well with their Smartphones as they provide a very reliable interface based on ONEUI. Their sales are almost equivalent to that of Apple now providing a Smartphone that can take on the likes of the iPhone. They provide successful Smartphones in the low end that being the A series and the high end in their Galaxy and Note series.

The s20 is Overpriced and May Present a Challenge for Samsung

Their phones starting with the S series were starting to get too expensive considering they run only the Android software. Now with the S20 series they are as expensive if not more expensive than Apple’s 11 series. This is not good for Samsung. In a nutshell, they are far too expensive for what you get.

They are definitely spec heavy phones but Samsung cannot compete with Apple’s ecosystem. When you are buying a Smartphone you are buying the software that goes with it. Although Android has progressed, it is no where near the capability of the iPhone. iPhone has all the best software.

A Strategic Mistake

Android made sense at a certain price. However, the s20s are far too expensive. With Samsung’s shoddy reputation for updates and software that cannot match the iPhone currently except for that which is cross platform, these phones might have impressive specs but lack overall capability. That is, for applications available on say your Mac the app will either have to be cross platform or you will have to get software similar to the original. That is, you will need a workaround.

Android phones are very capable and the interface for some is superior to that of IOS. However, if you lack key software, your experience is likely to be damaged and in fact the results lesser than if you used what you what you wanted to use in the first place.

Should You Upgrade

Upgrading from a Samsung s10 buys you far too little for the cost outlay. If you have say an s8 the upgrade is worth it. However, when you factor in that these phones operate in the iPhone 11 Pro category for pricing you really need to assess your use case scenario. If you are working around software lacking in the Android environment and upgrade to the s20 at these prices then whether to upgrade to an s20 phone should be out of the question. What might be worth it is switching to an iPhone where you can achieve a real productivity hit.

Why Samsung priced these phones so high is beyond me. There is nothing about the body that is thrilling and the colors have been questioned a long with the design. The body of all the s series phones are definitely a finger print magnet.

If you use the device for mainly media consumption the screen is without rival. With its pinhole notch as opposed to the one on the iPhone it is a much more enjoyable experience. If you are simply consuming content and your production doesn’t involve apps that aren’t available to Android, then the device is an option. However, I would always question the price. For this kind of money you can buy a lot. In fact, if you really want an Android then Samsung s10s have never looked so good as they can be had at tremendous prices.

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