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Streaming content was at one time a novelty yet a novelty with huge potential. As time passed, the novelty became a reality and people were beginning to stream more and more such as movies and TV shows. Now however, steaming is the norm. One can hardly say they either don’t stream or don’t know somebody or many that stream their content.

AppleTV ahead of its Time

The AppleTV was unveiled as a work in progress called “iTV” on September 12, 2006. While at this time most were renting movies and other such items from the Blockbusters of the world, the visionaries at Apple saw the future. They were well ahead of the game. The idea of watching shows at your convenience was harnessed by Apple then promoted as a product known as the AppleTV.

It didn’t immediately catch on and actually took some time and part of the fault for this lies at the doorstep of Apple themselves. Often referred to as a hobby project they didn’t give the credibility it and the market deserved.

In a sense, Apple was sitting on one of the great components of the future and severely mislabeling it confusing people. Part of this rests with Steve Jobs. He wasn’t a person who liked TV. His vision, in this case, was impacted by personal bias.

However, the world took command and eventually did see the potential and started buying AppleTV’s. It was just after the device was released on a boxing day way back when and I bought a blue-ray unit and an AppleTV. I used the blue-ray once and the AppleTV continuously since then. I’ve had every version of the AppleTV till this day.

The Big Why????

As soon as I unboxed my AppleTV I knew immediately what I had and it was major. I could now watch shows that were available at anytime whenever I wanted to watch them. In essence, the device represented freedom from schedules and commercials plus the ability to share something I had seen with someone else whenever I wanted to.

The pricing model has never changed. What has changed is the numbers that provide content via streaming. Now a huge business, everyone is in on the game or shall we say this mechanism to primarily deliver their content. Regular TV exists but it is kind of like the last vestiges of the extinction of the dinosaur. Even regular TV is in the streaming business.

Apple’s Advantage

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Apple might have been calling their device a hobby project but it certainly was one capable device priced very reasonably. The length of time they’ve been in the market gives them time to refine the product. Further though, they also were able to refine the fit and the marketing approach.

In the fifth version, Apple opened AppleTV to developers to put their products on the system. There is no streaming channel that can’t be acquired. Your choice of content today is just far too diverse. You actually have to be careful not to overspend for services trying to get the best of this or that.

Additionally, the product is as simple as plugging it into power and an HDMI cable to a port. Many of the prominent channels are already on the box. Those that aren’t can generally be found in the App Store a place where over 2000 products exist.

Such a product as Plex your own home server system can be added for simple access. Start the channel; log in and then then sit back and just enjoy what you’ve found. Simplicity is one of Apple’s key strengths and when choosing your AppleTV this should always be remembered.

Finally, if you have an Apple product the device integrates into the environment without issue. If you want to use your iPhone to stream content from the phone or iPad to the device no problem. A vast array of well presented product accessible in an easy manner continues one of Apple’s strengths. Why fuss with streaming if you don’t have to.

Tech is getting Frustrating and to a Degree Difficult

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There is so much coming at us these days we are information overwhelmed. The old mantra of simplify is getting lost which does often happen during any societal revolution. We are definitely in the era of the information revolution. Whatever we can do to understand and try to balance ourselves we should. It can be easy for the lifeboat to get swamped and this seems to be happening.

TV and movies remain a wonderful form of escape and relaxation. Not the we should run away from our problems but we need time to recharge our batteries. If technology, which is now an integral part of the fabric of society continues to swamp us we owe it to ourselves to sit back; take a breath and figure out how to rebalance our lives.

Social activities are integral to being human. Without them we live in isolation something which known to make us mad. The AppleTV is no panacea for the bigger picture but why add more stress to your life for the sake of a few bucks kicking out that which can give us a bit of downtime without stress.

We must face this life. A revolution has been underway for a while now. Those moments of silence that we might enjoy alone or with friends or family are becoming fewer and father apart. Why add unnecessary stress to something that can be enjoyable.

Sit back; relax; press the play button and choose something you’ve been wanting to see without fighting with the device that is to bring you the content. The AppleTV does an admirable job at simplifying and not for any pile of money. It can be seen as just one component that can help rebalance your life for within anything to do with tech we can be easily overwhelmed.

Generation Z has grown up with the technology and thus it comes easier to them. Regardless, even the Z’s would prefer some simplicity to enjoy that which they want to watch. It is that moment of downtime that you might spend with others. It is that moment of breath if done right or breathlessness from the stress. The AppleTV was ahead its time and remains in that formidable place.

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