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The Beauty of Youtube: The Accidental discovery of Information

by Kerry Dawson

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Youtube started in 2005 and has gone on to be extremely successful. The channel has information on just about anything you can think about. Presented in short video format generally it easy to take in a few shows on something that really interests you and learn something you probably didn’t know.

Geared to your Interests

Youtube constantly puts up on your main page shows it thinks you would be interested in. I turn on Youtube and find I have a hard time getting out of it as just as I’m about to leave I’ll see another video that captures my attention.

How does this happen. Based on your profile and its AI algorithm it is constantly finding shows in your area of interest. This is a great way to learn.

If there is something though you want to see specifically, you just need to put in a search that will find a lot of what you’re looking for. However, I find Youtube’s AI fascinating as you will learn something that you might have forgotten about; been trying to find information or just learn something unique which is a form of entertainment.


Learning something just because it puts it in front of you is almost magical. You can actually get quite addicted to Youtube but such an addiction holds few downsides. So you might be overdosing on learning. I don’t think I’ve ever come across this as a major downside except if it prevents you from living your life at the same time.

Youtube has some great movies from the past; great actors and actresses and people it overviews and is just very fascinating way of learning all kinds of things. There are a slew of documentaries and people just teaching you about various things.


Youtube has gone from an interesting kind of service to a major service today. It is very successful. Youtube currently has 800,000 subscribers. In fact, Youtube is one of the most successful streaming services in existence. Based on mainly consumer contributed content to that of company content, Youtube has become relatively speaking an overnight sensation that puts you in the controllers seat and in the know.

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