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The New MacBook Air is a Substantive Yet Cost Effective Upgrade

by Kerry Dawson

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Apple announced yesterday a new MacBook Air to replace the current product. This is not a small refresh but a substantive refresh to the line. It now has the power of the MacBook Pro’s and then some but at a lesser price. One could actually consider this their go to computer. It is in no ways a slouch.

Key areas Addressed

The new MacBook Air refines the following:

  • keyboard standardizes providing scissor style keys considered far more tactile and efficient (less prone to breakdown)
  • processor upgrades – 10th gen Octacore
  • increased storage and storage options (256 gig to 2 terabytes)
  • reduced overall pricing to equipment specs

With a new MacBook Air you can get far more computer for less money. The keyboard is a delight to type on and future problems should be radically reduced. Further, it is just that much nicer to type on than that of the previous gen which was considered a disaster. Although some liked the Butterfly keyboard it was generally viewed as lacking (not comfortable to type on) and prone to failure.

Tenth Gen Processors for State of the Art Computing

One of the first things that jumps out at you is the reduced starting price while there is increased storage space on the low end computer. However, take note that you can opt for the i5 Octacore tenth gen or i7 Octacore tenth gen processor making this one powerful computer. The computer now has the kind of power necessary for basic computing needs such as writing, browsing etc. Even on the graphics, the processor has been improved upon.

Considering the price of the computer, the range of processor choice and that storage can go as high 2 terabytes the MacBook Air should currently be your go to Notebook. You simply cannot take away its superb design in a light, easy to tote computer. The 16″ is a fantastic device but goes way beyond the power most people need.

Students, as an example, need portability generally first but also require a good handling computer. The Air is the most portable of the bunch with hardware specs that are excellent. Although it would have been nice if the memory had gone to 32 gigs and the screen was a touch brighter, you can’t take away of the overall great price/performance ratio of this machine.

Macbook Pros to Come

New Macbook Pro 13″ (potentially 14″) computers are in the works but with the capability you can get out of an Air, would you be wise to take a Macbook Pro that will go beyond your needs. Probably not. For less money you can get an Air that is fully capable and is more portable than the potential 14″ machines.

A Good News Story

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No matter how you slice and dice this it’s a good news story. All computers in the MacBook Pro line will have better keyboards, better specs for performance and storage and a well defined logic for choosing this over that.

The line in past has looked a bit convoluted. This line, as it is materializing, is beginning to make a lot of sense. People like MacBooks and they like their MacBooks. What users were getting afraid of was they might be forced to switch to a PC.

This is no longer the case. They’ll finally have the choices they need to get the right computer. There is a rumour that Apple might swap processors to get the performance they’re looking for. There might not be a need to do this if the new line lives up to the kind of flexibility it is promising. When there is a swap in a processor it is not a simple thing and computing is getting complex enough. Here we have the makings of computers that are priced well and perform as we need them to.

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