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When do We say about a Smartphone the Price is too G* D* High

by Kerry Dawson

Whacky Professor

In the title the stars (*) are for you to fill in. However, Smartphone pricing is out of hand. Today’s smartphones consist of a camera, mobile phone and connected Personal Digital Assistant If you were to buy these things individually it’s possible that all of this might be worth X dollars but with a Smartphone we don’t buy three individual items. We have to buy these functions as a package that we call a Smartphone and as a package Smartphone’s have gone up tremendously.

The old excuse this is a computer in your hand is without merit as it cannot do what a computer can. Even an iPad, in only but the narrowest of situations, can do what a computer can. This excuse has been going on when a good Smartphone was half the price.

Top End iPhone was half the Price Not Long Ago

The iPhone 7 when announced in August of 2016 was Priced starting at $449 for a 64GB iPhone 7 or $569 for an iPhone 7 Plus. This isn’t even four years ago.

Yes, today’s phones have more to them but do they have double the price to them. The iPhone 11 Pro is $999 and the Pro Max is 1099. Yes, an iPhone 11 is 699 and it is understandable why this is the best selling smartphone because it has gone up on average around $200 but this is still a fairly large increase on the average phone but when compared with the Pro models the increase is outrageous.

Samsung though Takes the Cake

Take the cake

If there was a cake for insane pricing, Samsung has now taken it. There is nothing that makes their phones worth what they are charging. At least with Apple you have a huge and very substantive software environment. Google is catching up but catching up is the key word here. You are not getting the richness of applications you can get with Apple.

Apple’s ecosystem, though closed, is still vibrant and Samsung doesn’t hold a dime on this. Their watch is dreadful when compared to the Apple’s watch and so too are their tablets. They don’t have computers so that is not even part of this analysis. Yet, with taxes they are charging one insane amount of money for their Smartphones.

Less Expensive Models

For those not caught up in I have the best phone so look at me mentality there are some vibrant phones that can be had. You can still get the iPhone XR which was Apple’s best selling model before the 11 series and on the Android side there is the A series from Samsung and the 3a from Google both of which run fine.

People seem to be adjusting to the less expensive iPhone 11 and the same goes for Android. Who wants to take a second job to support a mobile phone. As long as you’re not too into the “Look at Me” approach to the world then having one of these less expensive phones is more than fine except of course for the manufacturers.

Youtubers are No Help

If you are caught up in watching Youtubers to get your product information you are enriching them as they brainwash you into thinking you need these expensive phones. For them, the manufacture’s send them phones for testing or they seem to have a phone for every month of the year. This is not normal. What is even less normal is that most of their reviews are on what they have deigned to call flagship phones. Have we joined the navy. Is there an admiral on these flagship phones. Or have we just come up with an interesting new way of changing the English language.

Whatever, it is these flagship phones at their unbelievable pricing that are being forced down your throat and if you don’t have one you must be sailing on Tug Boat Annie’s vessel.

Keep up with the Joneses

Keeping up with the joneses image1

Humans seem to be naturally prone to this fallacious form of living reflected in the saying “Keep up with the Joneses”. It’s alright to want to do well. It’s alright if tech becomes a hobby as hobby’s can be healthy extensions of our personalities. However, to keep up with the Joneses for the sake of appearance is vein and superficial. If your wealthy then it might not take a financial toll but it could take an emotional toll.

For those working at a job they enjoy and which is plenty to provide support for a comfortable or reasonable lifestyle this should be satisfying. However, when we do what we do for appearance sake only it might cause financial hardship; put strain on oneself or the family unit; your friendships and on it goes.

The one’s getting rich here are companies like Apple etc who are already rich. For a company to provide a useful product is socially desirable. However, when Youtubers stoke a passion that you have to have the iPhone Pro Max because it is ever so wonderful and you’re obviously not in the game unless it can take a picture that blows away a dedicated SLR then there is something wrong with you.

How many Youtubers analyze this way and that just how good a shot is from this camera or that. When did a tech Youtuber become such an expert in cameras and photography yet they throw around photographic terms as if they themselves are in the know.

If you are constantly being bombarded with these reviews and ads that tell you not only do you have to keep up with the Jones’ but there is no real analysis being done (how fast a CPU is or this spec or that spec is) doesn’t provide informed guidance. Out to the store you go needing and wanting an Ultra this or a Pro Max or maybe it was an Ultra Pro Max or some such variation on the term to come home and wonder why you just spent the bank on something that might seem somewhat better than your previous phone but at what price did I get this somewhat better.

It’s Time to Question our Sources

We’re at a point now when we need to start asking questions about what gives our lives value especially as we look at what this current Pandemic the Coronovirus is doing to individuals, family units, societal units and society. Our needs for whatever technological device we’re acquiring could be very different than what we are getting.

If through our acquisitions we tell companies enough is enough from a pricing perspective we will get a balanced approach to delivery. For some for whatever the reason is based on a good assessment if the more expensive unit fits what you need best and aligns within a sound budget then that’s fine. So as an example, let’s say photography is a hobby and tech is a hobby or we write about these things then possibly something more expensive fits with what we are doing and thus need. Possibly not. Looking at various factors, we realize that what we are trying to do is have the right equipment at the right price to meet substantiated needs. Letting external influences that make no sense to our needs will continue to encourage the crazy introduction of yet more and more expensive phones. Just when we’ve thought it can’t go any higher it does.

Samsung’s introduction of the s20 series of phones is such a perfect example of this. There are a couple of things about the design of the s20 that are nicer than the s10 such as the flat screen but who needs a camera that can zoom to 100x’s. It simply is insane. Then add to it this crazy price increase for something next to no one would need but everyone has to pay and the cycle of insanity continues. Take your Samsung s10, flatten the screen and add the current CPU and there’s your s20. Plus, since the Samsung s10 was overpriced in the first place drop the pricing.

Nothing can beat Good Analysis

If you analyze your situation carefully, I’m convinced you will come up with a good answer. If you do use the Youtubers for some of your information, make it a very small component of that analysis as you’ll always be on a flagship wondering where the admiral is today. In fact, your very first step should always be is there anything wrong with what I have. If there is (say it is just too old) then begin your journey looking for the right phone.

For some it will not matter whether you get an Android or an Apple iPhone. This opens your field dramatically. However, if you have all Apple equipment, I would suggest staying within that realm primarily for full compatibility. Android can fit into an Apple environment but it is a little trickier but not something which can’t be done.

Analyzing the size of phone you like, the time line you plan on keeping it, will it be your primary means of photogaphy or does that even matter gives you a good starting point. It is important to remember that all of today’s Smartphones are generally very good and all have pretty equal functionality. What you are really getting into now then is brand, size, type and price of phone.

As an example, say you have decided it has to be Apple but $1000 USD plus is just way out of the ballpark. Now all you have to do is decide whether the one lense XR or two lense iPhone 11 is for you. They are identical phones and their CPUs, although different, are both so powerful this difference does not matter. If the iPhone 11 has a colour you just have to have and you need or want the wide angle lense then your answer is the iPhone 11. However, if camera makes no difference and you wanted say a black phone anyway, get the XR as it will save you a bit of money for a well built phone. Do not buy the pro just because it says pro. You need a very good reason to spend that kind of money.

I would look at Android in a very similar vein. The Samsung s10 is only one year old and is very capable. There really is little reason to spend the kind of money Samsung wants for the s20 series. In fact, since you’re in the Android domain there are many manufacturers but it is still better to go with the best. LG makes a fine product and their new LG v60 though pricing hasn’t been announced is supposed to be less than the Samsung s20 series. Further, the v50 and v40 are still available all top end phones.

Smartphones are simply getting Too Expensive

Manufacturers need to hear this message and dare I say it so do Youtubers. Assess your needs and likes; what you do and determine whether the iPhone or the Android meets the needs best. From there, where it comes to an iPhone a decision is far simpler.

Android used to present a great cost savings alternative. It no longer does and with its software base the question of Android has become a very difficult one. There is some great hardware on the Android side but very little of what you do will have to do with hardware but rather software which are the tools to make the thing work.

Regardless, you can get good Android’s that don’t cost an arm and leg and might present some cost savings yet be cross platform enough for your needs so that it is a workable solution. Cameras seem to be a big thing. LG started the wide angle camera revolution. Their sound system is based on a 32 bit DAC and with a good pair of wired headphones their sound cannot be beat. They have been unfortunately overlooked and I fail to understand this considering the quality and the advanced capabilities of the devices.

If a five camera LG can be had for less than Samsung you are better off with that phone. Yes, the interface may not be as nice as oneUI but it’s still nice. The goal here is to get something that won’t be like a house mortgage. It can be done and done well with a little analysis.

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