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The iPhone SE: Has Apple/The Industry woken up to the fact people do Not Want $1000+ Smartphones

by Kerry Dawson

Iphone se family select 2020

In the last five years flagship Smartphones have almost doubled. That is the low end flagship phones. Then you have the high end flagship phones and for extra memory and/or size you can add even more money to the price. It’s absolutely ridiculous when you can walk out of an Apple store with the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 256 gig of memory for $1950 Canadian with taxes. It’s hard to wonder who’s more insane – the customer or the vendor or both.

Android Phones at one Time offered a Reasonable Alternative to the iPhone Till Now

There was a time you could save money by buying an Android instead of an iPhone and save a few dollars for a good phone. You lacked all the best software but the phones themselves were good.

With Samsung’s release of the s20 this is no longer the case. These phones are so overpriced for what you get, only you the user is at fault here to let

Samsung galaxy s20 series all three 6

Samsung get away with it. I put an s20+ against an Samsung s10+ and I could barely see a difference. However, the colour options were so brilliant on the
Samsung s10’s that the s20’s looked abysmal. My understanding is the s20 series is not selling well and it has nothing to do with COVID 19. I think the consumer is coming to his/her senses.

The iPhone SE a breath of Fresh Air

Apple just released the iPhone SE and we finally have some sanity. The phone is not for everyone but for the vast majority it probably is. It is really the iPhone 8 with the most recent chips and a great camera. For many that just want to use an iPhone this is ideal but at the price it is stellar. In the U.S. it will be $399 and in Canada $599.

Sanity. Now Apple has taken the lead with a range of phones through the price spectrum from low to high. For those bound and determined to have the best, it’s available. However, for the many there is now the SE.

Getting Rave Reviews

The phone so far has been getting rave reviews and why not; it was only yesterday’s flagship with today’s high end processors. This phone not only sets a high bar it will have a future. One has to wonder about the Androids now as their claim to fame was not the vast array of great software they had but price friendly devices that were very customizable (the latter not everyone’s cup of tea).

Samsung has made a severe blunder with their s20 series of phones or so it would seem. Selling at roughly 60% of the number of their s10 series of phones I wonder how it is even this high.

The iPhone SE is touted to likely be Apple’s best selling iPhone. This is not surprising. The phone will prove to be a gateway to many of Apple’s other services so the likelihood of loss by the company is minimal. This was a very smart marketing move.

Price Fatigue


The way smartphones were going in terms of price it is no wonder the consumer was experiencing price fatigue. At some point there would have been a significant backlash. That Samsung followed in this path was foolhardy. Fortunately they have less expensive phones but if it were not for carriers you would never know it.

We got used to the idea of an Apple tax and for good reason to a degree. Android does not enjoy the luxury of IOS yet. However, it was Apple that lead the consumer charge to rationality not Samsung and this might be remembered.

It’s not that Samsung’s are a bad phone. Quite the contrary, they are excellent phones. However, there is no way they can sustain the prices an iPhone can and this boils down to software primarily.

The day is coming where cross platform will be far more extensive and these two phones will offer uniqueness but be able to work well together. We are slowly seeing this happen. However, we’re a ways off from that.

2020 Should Prove an Interesting Year

Putting aside the COVID 19 pandemic 2020 should prove to be a pivotal year. A shift is undergoing back to the consumer. The signs of price fatigue were in the wind. Google picked up on this with the Pixel 3a but Apple has really cemented it with the iPhone SE.

Hopefully, we see other players bring to market nicely priced phones that aren’t inferior performance wise. Of course they can’t have all the aspects of the high end phone but they can be solid staples for the consumer that doesn’t want to bankrupt themselves on tech.

The breadth of phones that will be available will satisfy a number of needs from those that just want a solid phone to those that want all the bells and whistles and the people that are in between. It couldn’t keep going the way it was going. We still need our computers, a potential iPad, possibly an Apple TV and maybe even a Smartwatch. These things are becoming essentials and not nice to haves but if one area gets so overpriced it doesn’t allow any leeway for the other potential products something will give. Food, the rent and the mortgage still need to be paid. Something would have eventually give in but it would have not have been the basics. Thank you Apple for seeing this!

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