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The iPhone SE is the Phone to Beat in 2020

by Kerry Dawson

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Over the last few years, we have been inundated with larger and larger phones. For some this has been perfectly fine. For others though they lament a past of smaller phones that were lightweight, easy to manage yet very accessible.

As our our phones have increased in size so too have the prices. Some could easily say the pricing of Smartphones is ridiculous. Others might say it is getting out of hand. And yet others would inclined to lament a past gone by where we have both small and large phones to choose from.

Apple has Changed the Dynamic and it is Well Appreciated

Apple just introduced the iPhone SE and it is a delightful building on the iPhone 8. Although it builds on past iPhone it is far from that device. It is a modern iteration of that line and includes the very powerful bionic A13 CPU. This phone is basically a beast.

Decked out in three very nice colours to choose from, it looks fantastic. You can get the device in either Black, White or Red probably the most popular of the colours.

Brings it all to the Table

The phone is by no means a cut rate invention. It brings everything to the table including a prized future. Updates for the phone will be available for quite some time.

It is a fast, easy to handle device which will appeal to many. Forgoing FaceID it uses touch for secure phone entry. Many people prefer this method over FaceID. It’s fast and reliable and can be used from any angle.

The Screen

Although the screen is not an OLED or AMOLED screen, it is a high quality LCD screen which actually does appeal to some. The screen is somewhat amazing in the way it handles colour. Although most screens today are either OLED or they’re getting ready to go OLED, the LCD screen still has its spot in the tech world. This is not the drawback some might think it is.

It’s Not Bezel-less

There has been a race to deliver a fully bezel-less phone. The iPhone SE is certainly not bezel-less but this does not deter many. It remains a good looking phone in a form factor that is known, substantive yet easy to manage.

One of the quandaries about large phones is although they provide a much better viewing experience, they are at the same time a lot to physically manage. For some, they are simply too much. Yet, there has been drive to provide the best experience on the large phones.

The smaller phone though can provide an incredibly beautiful visual display but somehow everyone thinks it needs to be done on a large screen phone which bezel-less. This just is simply not the case.

Further, although the viewing experience might be enhanced from the realignment of the tech to a smaller display or a bezel-less display, it takes away the efforts being made to enhance productivity. Really, the Smartphone should be an aid assisting with Getting Things done. If we have a model (GTD) and we’re working from this model, divergence will only add confusion and a sense of chaos.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectivness Image 2020 04 19 08 21 24 PM

This pandemic (Covid-19) we’re dealing with is causing uncertainty, anxiety and a lack of knowing what will happen and when it will end. People are loosing their jobs in record numbers. Business’s to keep the virus at bay are working with government to try to contain the virus.

The introduction of the SE is very opportune. It is essential at a variety of levels that we stay in touch with those we care about. People are uncertain of the future; how long the pandemic will last and thus how long the world is going to be effected. For a variety of reasons, people are very reluctant to spend the kind of money being asked for by mobile companies during this pandemic.

Further, even before the pandemic people were exhausting of these high priced yet very nice and modern new phones. The timing of the iPhone SE couldn’t be more spot on. I would say the SE, considering it’s configuration, should be a hot seller.

Apple really had nothing to address the midrange to budget part of market. They’ve done it with a phone of great design and loaded it with fully current functionality which is rather impressive. In many ways, this is the phone to beat not the iPhone 12. I suspect after this virus has at least been put at bay nothing will be normal till then.

It is now been well over a month we’ve been self-isolating and it’s affecting people very much to the negative and unfortunately we don’t know when we can return to normal. Fortunately, we have this tech to keep in touch which is so essential to human spirit plus do things to occupy our time something again very beneficial. The iPhone SE will truly be the phone to beat in 2021.

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