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The Skagen Falster 3 is a Watch to Love

by Kerry Dawson

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Till now, I thought nothing competed that well with the Apple Series 5 watch. I liked the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle in Black a lot. Then I got the Skagen Falster 3 built by Fossil and immediately fell in love with this watch. I can honestly say I like this watch better than the Series 5 from Apple at least from a looks point of view. It still uses Wear OS but for my needs it meets those perfectly.

Works with Android and IOS

The one thing about the Falster 3 from Skagen is it works with both IOS or Android. If you change phones, you don’t throw your watch away. The Apple Watch sticks with the Apple tradition of the walled garden. If it isn’t Apple, it doesn’t work. I wish Apple would change this but this is highly unlikely.

Having the flexibility to use your watch on either device is useful. People often try different Smartphones. The use of the Falster 3 with an iPhone ensures your investment doesn’t go down the tube.

The Skagen Watch follows in the Danish Watchmakers Tradition of Minimalism

This watch is a very good looking watch. The faces you choose for the watch are distinctly different from that of the Fossil Gen 5 and I much prefer them. The watch has a very classy look. I’m not saying the Fossil Gen 5 lacks in this area, it simply is the case that these watch faces on the Falster 3 look particularly nice.

The watch on the regular battery setting will get a days use. There are other settings to extend the time you can use the watch for but I keep it on the day setting as I like the access to all the functionality.

Compared to the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch works with far more apps than the Falster 3 but this is a fault of Google. Here you have an excellent time piece. Google needs to put a little effort behind Wear OS and beef it up.

Back to the watch though; in some ways I much prefer the design of the Falster 3 itself to the Apple Watch. It is less money but it is a classier watch. Now all Google needs to do is step up to the plate to enhance their software.

The one thing about Apple is no one can do it quite like Apple whether it’s Microsoft or Google. This is a shame as to have options is nice.

However, if you’re like me possibly Wear OS will meet your needs. If so, you can choose a classy Smartwatch to wear knowing it will go with you to either Android or the iPhone.

A Watch has always Been a Very Personal Expression of Self

Too many people are are beginning to look like Robots wearing the Apple Watch. When you consider that a watch is, like clothing, a personal expression of self and everyone is wearing an Apple Smartwatch, that personal expression simply does not exist.

If you really don’t want to be a Robot there are some nice OS Wear watches out there. I think the Falster 3 is probably the nicest design of the bunch.

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