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Apple updates the MacBook Pro 13” Line of Computers

by Kerry Dawson

Apple just announced that their 13” Macbook Pros were being upgraded. This was not an unexpected surprise yet still it was very welcome. Now Apple’s line of computers are consistent and very logical. People will be very happy with the new line computers offering machines in all product categories that have been updated.

The Upgrades

First Apple launched the 16” MacBook Pro replacing their 15” machines. This device came with the latest internals plus the well praised Magic keyboard.

Then came the MacBook Air about one month ago. The devices price was mildly dropped but it came with twice the storage, very fast memory and a range of CPU’s. Cost importantly it came with the Magic keyboard also.

Now what stood out like a sore thumb was the 13” Macbook Pros. However, this has been rectified. There are actually within the line two lines of MacBook Pro 13”. The primary thing that separates them is the internal they used in one set of less expensive computers compare to the other. Both sets have the new Magic keyboard however, two units have the 8th generation processor and slower memory than the other two that have the higher speed 10th gen processor with fast DDR4 memory.

The 8th gen devices are of course less money but this may be all you need. In some cases the new processors are more money than the older processors and you might not need what the 10th gen offers and could save yourself some money by settling on the older processor. However, the 10th gen machines come with DDR4 memory as opposed to DDR3 and is faster at data transfer to through the system. Overall, I would think that upgrading fully would be your best bet but if you do want to save a few dollars the upgraded 8th gen machines might more than adequately meet your needs.


With this recent upgrade of the 13” Macbook Pros the line is now consistent and makes perfect sense. Before this, everyone was waiting on these machines to be upgraded as they knew it was coming any day. People were likely waiting for the upgrade as it made no sense that the Air would have the better hardware all around.

Now it’s possible to choose based on the configuration that is best to meet your needs. The MacBook Air is a fantastic general computer for those that do everything but mainly write and browse and only do a bit of graphical work. For those that do a lot of photo or video editing they are likely to need the more powerful MacBook Pro. And for your top tier worker who needs the best of the best with a large screen and horsepower there is the 16” MacBook Pro.

In a nutshell, buy what you need as you could be wasting money on the overkill. The MacBook Air is likely the best computer for most while those that need more have it now equally from machine to machine.

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