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This may at first seem to be a curious title but what it is suggesting is that the Apple watch work with an Android phone along with an IOS phone. Watches designed to work with Android phones and most specifically Wear OS from Google also work with iPhones. Thus, if you are using an Android phone but switch to an iPhone you don’t have throw out your watch investment. You just pair your say Falster 3 with OS Wear for IOS.

Apple Watch

Unlike Wear OS watches the Apple Watch is only designed to work with the iPhone. If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch you’re fine. However, what happens if you decide to get an Android phone which can happen. Your Apple Watch is toast. Is Apple doing this to force you to stay with an iPhone. If they are it won’t work because if a person decides they want to use Android for whatever reason, they won’t stay with the iPhone generally if they’ve made that decision. However, what does it say about your investment in an Apple Watch.

Often, people will not have thought this through. They buy an iPhone one day for whatever reason and to complement their product they decide to buy the Apple Watch. Down the road though a person may see an Android they feel they just must have. If they recently bought the Apple Watch it can be returned. Otherwise they may decide to park or sell it. Selling will involve some kind of loss in the investment but better that to buy a Smartwatch that will work with their Android.

Two Excellent Android Wear Smartwatches

Skagen falster 3 10

If Apple or anyone feels there is nothing that competes with the Apple Watch they are sorely mistaken. Two of the nicest Smartwatches in terms of design are the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle and the Skagen Falster 3. They are similar as they are both built by Fossil yet they are distinctively different.

Classic in design, they are, in some ways, much nicer than the Apple Watch in which everyone is beginning to look like a clone of everyone else.

71ERfTd2 KL AC UX522Of the two watches, I prefer the Falster 3 as it is an exceptionally well designed watch with a more minimalistic design than the Carlyle. I much prefer the look of the Falster 3 to that of the Apple Watch and even prefer the Carlyle to that of the Apple Watch.

What of Wear OS

Many question the Smartwatches software from Google called Wear OS. Though not as sophisticated as the Apple Watch software it is good nevertheless. Some of the watch faces on the Falster 3 are downright elegant while all the utility you need exists with the watch.

You can easily get messages, answer a voice call from your iPhone or Android on the watch, take heart and physical activity readings to checking the weather, your calendar, timing say the stove and much more. In some ways it’s easier than Apple’s software while being very logical.

Where it is particularly weak is with supported third party apps. On an Apple Watch there is a plethora of such apps but not so with Wear OS. However, how much does this really matter. Not that much.

A Large Opportunity to Increase Sales of the Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch ran on Android there would be distinct benefits for both Apple and the end user. You would, of course, not have to worry about your investment should you switch phones. This is major.

Secondly, a large opportunity would suddenly appear for Apple. Now they would be able to sell their Smartwatch to the large Android community. There are many who like and prefer Apple’s more sophisticated software experience and would buy the watch to go along with their phone. Additionally, if you returned to an iPhone as a result of disappointment with your Android or there is now an iPhone you simply want, your watch hardware simply goes with you.

The increased market opportunity for Apple could prove significant. In the past, when Apple has done this, they have benefitted and not been hurt.

For the user though there is more than safety in the investment or access to an Apple Watch. It simply has to do with good will. Why should users feel compelled by Apple to live within this walled garden so to speak. Apple might suggest they want the user to have the best experience and they might say this can be done from an iPhone. The user though should be the one to decide on their willingness for a tradeoff. Further, the Wear OS watches work perfectly fine on an iPhone. There is little reason to think this wouldn’t be the case with an Apple Watch and an Android phone.

Let the User/Customer Decide

Customer Path to purchase awareness

Benefits that allow an Apple Watch to work with an Android phone would accrue to both the end user and Apple. Apple would have a whole new market available for sale of the Apple Watch. The user could choose the watch they prefer. Additionally, with the protection in the investment it would be a good will exercise by Apple.

Apple is doing very well at the moment but it has little to do with their walled garden and much more to do with providing products that are excellent and now logically fit across their respective lines. Apple has also heard the customer where it comes to price and is providing product through a greater price range to meet more people’s needs.

Allowing the Apple Watch to work with Android is just another step in providing more comprehensive solutions. Further, an Android phone currently fits nicely into an Apple environment using such things as cross platform software, Microsoft’s Exchange or Fruux (Caldav/Carddav) etc. This would simply be one more step at integration where both parties would benefit substantially.

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