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The MacBook Air 2020 with LG 5k 27” Monitor makes for a Wonderful Desktop

by Kerry Dawson

If you’re a writer and likes sitting at a desktop for concentration there are a number of options for you. However, if you require portability as you might not find yourself at the desktop always, you need a more unique solution. You could have a desktop computer and a portable for that purpose but then you would need to maintain them in sync. In the Mac world this is very easy.

A MacBook Air 2020 Can Do it All

Another solution is simply Using a portable for both tasks. However, there are a couple of issues with certain portables that would make this less than ideal. One problem is simply the heat generated by the more powerful portables. These machines are fast but if you were to put certain portables on your lap you might end up with second degree burns if you don’t get it off fast enough. The high powered chips can get quite hot.

This leads to a second problem. Fan noise. To keep your Macbook at a good temperature you will have to have whirling fans anytime the unit comes under strain and strain might not seem like much. However, fan noise is a real problem for the writer. Writers generally prefer distraction free environments. Fan noise is anything but distraction free. You could get a relatively powered desktop however, I find fan can still can be a problem. A Macbook for portability that doesn’t produce fan noise would be a more ideal solution.

The MacBook Air with a 27” screen is Your Total Solution

In years gone by I worked with nothing but a capable Macbook portable. Years ago I used to use the Duo 290’s that included a docking station and the ability to work at a desktop but then to pop out the computer and take it home with me to do more work. This was such an ideal solution.

Today the same kind of solution exists. The 2020 MacBook Air is no slouch. I would equip this computer as follows:

  • 256 or 512 gig of storage
  • I5 processor
  • 16 gigs (which is the top end) for smooth operation and multi-tasking
    On top of the Air you will need a good monitor. I would suggest the LG 5k 27” monitor which will give you excellent performance with a full desktop feel.

The Desktop

The MacBook Air i5 will not generate too much heat even under load. Thus in desktop mode the fans will rarely run. Get an external keyboard and a wireless mouse and you’re flying. You’ll be able to write on this comfortably and the machine has the power and the memory to do most tasks.

Sure there are some things a more powerful Macbook would do but then at a cost of heat and fan noise.

This leads to our second operation; that of the portable.

The Portable

The MacBook Air has a number of aspects that make this a unique desktop/portable solution. Equipped with the i5 you have an Octacore processor that does not run hot but can ramp up temporarily for processor demand. If you’re working in desktop mode but would like to change environs just eject your external drives, unplug everything and go where you want. From there, pickup exactly where you left.

Notice something very significant. You can put the MacBook Air on your lap and it will feel totally comfortable as you continue to write. I would be surprised if in any of these scenarios the fans have kicked in. No more sync’g and most importantly the performance you need to make your computing life comfortable.

Not only have you a distraction free environment that makes your use of your computer more enjoyable but you have true productivity enhancements. You’re not having to fuss with sync’g and unnecessary complexity.

More to the MacBook Air than at First you Realize

The first thing that jumps out at you with the new MacBook Air is the enhanced keyboard. This keyboard is a jewel to type on. Unlike the Butterfly keyboard before it, this keyboard I would say is perfection. For somebody that writes for a living this is essential.

Now consider the system to be your all in one. No matter whether you’re treating it as a desktop or a portable this is the only unit you’ll use. Yes, in desktop mode definitely add the monitor. it will make a tremendous difference.

As a portable you simply can’t do better. It is light and ergonomically fashioned. There’s nothing to picking up this machine and off you go. The wedge prevents any chaffing of the hand. The lightness ensures you’ll take it with you.

From a productivity point of view it is hard to beat this combination. You could have a more powerful MacBook Pro but you won’t gain that much for all the heat it will generate. The MacAir powers the LG screen perfectly. The only way you can beat this screen is by getting Apple’s XDR screen at three times the cost.

This configuration certainly is not for everyone but is it for most. If you do not want to work in a desktop/portable mode then other scenarios are available. If you need raw graphics horsepower this system won’t cut it. There are configurations that will. For the purposes of this discussion we’re just considering the value of the MacBook Air and its potential. There is far more to be had from this computer than you may not at first have realized.

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