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With Product in the Pipe should you Wait

by Kerry Dawson

This is a very general question but it warrants asking as there is so much coming from Apple and the other vendors that there is a tendency to wait until the new product arrives. Leaks are happening at a great rate and these often cause people to stutter for a moment deciding if it is worth waiting.

As an example, the Macbook Air has just been released with a great deal of new hardware. It is more than likely that the Macbook Pro’s will be upgraded to put them in competitive line with the Air. The one most significant upgrade that’s happened with the Air is the replacement of the keyboard for the more likeable one they currently have. The new keyboard does not ride shallow as the previous one did and is just that much more of a joy to write on.

Except for the person that wants to buy the high end 16” Macbook Pro which was recently upgraded the other pro’s in the line are working with 8th gen CPUs and probably one of the most cursed keyboards in the industry. In the case of someone that wants one of the smaller Macbook Pro’s they likly should wait unless they can’t. The addition of the 10th gen processors and the new keyboard is well worth the wait.

The Macbook Pros; waiting Makes Sense

So as previously mentioned and is it almost guaranteed that Apple is going to upgrade the Macbook Pros that haven’t been upgraded. In this case, due to the nature of the upgrades and the likelihood they will come out sooner than later, waiting to upgrade makes sense. You will, if the Air is an example, get a better more current 10th gen processor, the new keyboard and more storage.

For Everything Else though Waiting does not Make Sense

If we waited based on the leaks or what’s coming you would never upgrade. Upgrades are happening fast and furious now. If you need a new phone, the phones that are on the market now are powerhouses. Waiting just ensures waiting and never moving forward.

In fact, where it comes to phones, because of price, some people are looking at previous models and finding they are more than adequate with savings to boot. Do not wait for the sake of possibly getting something better. This ensures you pay top dollar and do not get any added value.

5g As a Perfect Example

If you wait for a 5 g phone or buy a 5g phone before the 5g networks are ubiquitous you’re spending a lot of something that won’t be workable for quite the time. Look at the 5g phones from Samsung; they are expensive and there is very few places to use them.

If you need Something Today don’t wait till Tomorrow’s latest and Greatest

Tech seems to be getting unreasonably expensive. With each new generation of tech it seems to be going up till recently with Apple. Their products, like the Macbook Air are either less or holding. However, if you look at Samsung their products have gone through the roof. The Samsung s20 series is outrageous. You’re much better buying the s10 where you will loose liitle but have so much and for a lot less money.

Do Not hang off till Tomorrow except in the very rare Case

Waiting for the tomorrows just ensures you don’t realize today’s benefits. As an example, is there really any reason to wait for the Iphone 12 when the iPhone 11 and others have made such a gret splach. There isn’t but you maybe buying in at even more money. When do we say enough is enough

With the iPhone SE you’re realizing a lot for a little. It might be referred to as a budget phone but for most except the nerdy it is more than adequate. There is no point in waiting for the iPhone 12.

This goes for most things in tech and always has. Unless there is something right around the corner that makes sense waiting for or at least seeing what it is, it is disadvantages to wait. Get now what will prove beneficial to your productivity.

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