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With Samsung’s poor s20 Showing Apple is Leading the Charge

by Kerry Dawson

Apple seems to be on a roll. It is doing everything right. Their phones have gotten stellar reviews and the new lineup of Macbook Pro’s has gone over incredibly well.

Samsung, on the other hand, has just launched probably their biggest disaster of phones completely out of touch with the market. Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, there were solid indications people did not want to spend the kind of money they had been spending on top of the line phones. With the pandemic though nerves are frayed and jobs have been lost. People do not have the appetite for expensive cellphones. Added to this, their top of the line phone the Ultra has not delivered.

This leaves Apple on top of the hill with a line more segmented for various pricing options. Apple is on a roll.

Samsung is Lucky to still have the s10 Series of Phones

Samsung is Apple’s major competitor with respect to mobile phones. Samsung is limping though. They have severely damaged themselves with the s20 series. They are lucky that they kept their well rated s10 series of phones.

The s10 and s10 plus can be had for far better pricing than they did at launch. On top of that they were well reviewed phones. Though they run the 855 chipset vs the s20’s 865 they are still performers. The lack of the refresh should not be a deterrent when you realize what you’re getting for the money. These are high quality, fully spec’d phones that are performers and still have some of the most advanced technology.

There is no question in my mind that if a person wants a Samsung it is the s10 series they should look at. If Samsung were to reduce the price of the s20’s substantially, add more colour options that were exciting and provide a quality product, the s20 might be able to deliver. This however, is doubtful as the reputation of these phones has been severely injured.

It might behoove Samsung to, in the fall, introduce say the s21 series or something of the like to replace the s20s. They should have the colour options of the s10s, a rational pricing scheme and further they should be reliable which their current phones are not. Samsung has really shot itself in the foot and this is putting Apple on high ground.

Apple Seems to be Able to do no Wrong

What we are expecting with the iPhone 12 is a dramatically logical line at various price points. I’m sure the phones will work and work well. Will Samsung be able to catch up. It is highly unlikely without a complete rethink.

Apple is not just going to dominate the cellphone market. Their line of MacBooks is phenomenal. The Air is a fantastic computer priced aggressively. The Macbook Pro’s come in a variety of options and variable pricing for those that need a bit more power. Then you have the iMac’s and iMac Pro which are stellar and finally the new Mac Pro designed for the most demanding of users. However, it is the MacBook Air that likely will be the real winner.

The MacBook Air

This unit should likely become Apple’s key unit. It can be connected to an LG 5K 27” screen to create that desktop feel. It is extremely portable and is outfitted with the latest tenth gen CPU and fast DDR4 memory. For the writer, it is ideal and is a good all around machine that can easily web surf for the purposes of doing research.

The MacBook Air is unlike the previous generation in that it has Apple’s finest keyboard the magic keyboard which enhances significantly the user experience. It is light and so easy to manager there isn’t a portable like it. Outfitted with the best of the best for a good price, this will be the computer to beat.

Complete Line Though

However, when you look at Apple’s complete line there simply is nothing that Apple can’t provide the user. There is a Macbook for every need all the way up to a highly spec’d 16” machine that’s a powerhouse.

We are only in the beginning part of the year. There is a lot of time left for further introductions and if Apple keeps on this bent they will be unstoppable. We have the iPhone 12s to look forward to and possibly some revisions to the desktops. There is even talk of a new AppleTV. What more could we want.

Apple is doing it Right while Samsung blows itself out of The Water

While Apple makes all the right moves and its major competitor blows itself out of the water it’s hard to see how Apple can be stopped. We have criticized Apple extensively in the past but they have been listening.

We even got a new keyboard from Apple for the two current iPad Pro’s that makes these machines a computer/OSX competitor. However, one might want both units and have the best of both worlds. Workflows will simply become more efficient. With that Apple will sell more as no one can knock logic. If our workflows become more efficient from Apple and they continue to avoid going over the top in terms of price, it’s easy to call a winner here. Both the consumer and Apple are the winners as one will synergistically provide for the other.

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