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Coronavirus pandemic2

The pandemic we are going through is something surreal with terrible consequences. It shut the world down overnight as we tried to control the spread of the pandemic.

It was not as something as simple as getting ill and then getting over it. it cost lives; a lot of lives and in some places more than others. The US probably was the hardest hit and there are many reasons for this the most of which their stupid President Donald Trump the genius. Yeah right?

We the self-isolated more to flatten the curve so not everyone ended up in hospital at the same time slowly exhausted ourselves with time. Older people were more at risk for serious complications that lead to death while younger people got ill but were less likely to die. Then there was the complete shutdown of societal operations around the world.

The costs of this situation were humungous such as:

  • the financial costs
  • lost jobs
  • Businesses that suffered and failed
  • Loss of personal things
    • property
    • things that could be sold to bring in money
    • uncertainty
    • depression
    • stress
    • and on it goes

However, our systems somehow had to keep running. Goods had to get to people the most important of which was food. Work for many had to continue at some level to keep things flowing as well as they could along with the financial help that came from governments.

The Elevation of Tech


Tech has become on almost every front completely a part of the fabric of society. It is what motors our world. However. with the pandemic, tech has taken on new meaning. Without it, we could not have moved the goods the way that was needed and basic business functions that had to run could not run without tech.

Working at home has become a norm through this pandemic. Now that it has proved itself many people will likely continue to work at home thus altering one of the fundamentals of society. Many will still choose to go to work for the structure and the camaraderie but many will continue to work at home as it has proven without a shadow of a doubt it works.

If our tech hadn’t evolved as far as it has this would not have been possible. However, the evolution has moved quite a way in the last ten years. Expect it to continue this kind of growth but quite resoundingly as society is about to take another fundamental shift.

Are our technologies up to the task? Most assuredly and they will continue on this path.

The Variety of Ways Tech Enabled Ability during the Pandemic

There are numerous ways our tech aided us through this horrific pandemic the likes of which likely no one has seen before. As we self-isolated many were cut off from their colleagues and maybe even work. Few were used to sitting around the house all day. One of the ways this was accomplished was through steaming entertainment which was brought into the house:

  • Streaming TV provided a source of both recreation and information
  • work at home allowed for the continued flow of information to keep things running such as the banks
  • Ordering online allowed us to get our goods
  • Communications allowed for meetings of more than one (e.g. Via zoom which is now being copied)
  • The world was dramatically impacted but many essential services continued to be in place and available

It’s going to take time to recover from this pandemic and it won’t happen overnight. In fact, we might not be through this yet as people are talking about a second wave in the fall. The first wave isn’t over at all though it’s died down somewhat.

Post Pandemic: Work at Home will Continue for Some

Over the years employers have experimented with work at home but often boss’ became uncomfortable wondering if the employee was working. One of the side effects of the pandemic is work at home had proven itself. It works. People have produced at home as there hasn’t been an option during this time of self-isolating.

Some employees will look forward to returning to an office as they like the social interaction with colleagues and yes even the structure of a work/office environment. However, many will prefer the time saved in terms of commutes etc and will opt to work at home. This should not prove to be the problem it has in the past as now it is proven that it works. Thus though the Pandemic has been unique in our lifetimes and horrendous in terms of the toll it has exacted, societal change will inevitably occur.

With this change tech will only gain in importance especially tech that is oriented towards communication and virtual team work. Products like Zoom have become part of the vernacular as it allowed virtual meetings of many people. Others are replicating the Zoom experience as fast as they can.

Tech and Our Social Fabric

Tech since its beginnings during the Second World War (Information based Tech) has only grown in importance. There have been three information revolutions. The first was that of the mainframe incorporating tech in business. The second was the personal computing revolution bringing tech to everyone. The third was the mobile revolution which involved the interconnectivity of people regardless of location. In this portion we have seen streaming media evolve from a peripheral activity to a central one and cloud based services taken for granted.

Tech is now integral to societal function. It is a part of the social fabric. This pandemic elevated tech one step further embedding it as critical to allow societies to operate even during a crisis. If this crisis could have not happened, been avoided etc there is no doubt no one would have wished for this. However, it has elevated tech one step higher but in a good way. In times past, things might have continued to run but not as well as they have done due to people’s commitment and the tools they had to keep the world a float.

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