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The Tenth Gen Macbook Air vs the Macbook Pro

by Kerry Dawson

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Apple’s Macbook lineup is now consistent and logical crossing a variety of needs at various prices. The starting Macbook the MacBook Air continues to be a fantastic unit that is well designed providing great performance at a tremendous price. Following from the Air is almost two logical lines of the Macbook Pro one using the 8th gen processor and one using the tenth. For the purposes of this article we will look at the tenth gen variant for consistency with the Air.

The MacBook Air’s Best Configuration

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This MacBook Air is generally ideal for most people’s needs. It is very portable and the lightest system of the bunch. It is also using the most current technology that being a tenth generation CPU with fast DDR4 memory. Additionally, it comes with twice the storage space of the previous model at a lower cost. It’s starting cost of $999 USD includes an i3 tenth gen processor.

The base unit of the MacBook Air is very good with its fast memory and tenth gen i3 processor. However, there are two changes which will boost the performance significantly and help to future proof the machine. By adding the i5 processor and 16 gigs of memory, performance will be improved significantly. There is little reason to go to the i7 processor as the differences in performance is negligible.

The extra RAM just provides for extra breathing room and the ability to open more apps without affecting performance. The i5 is a four core CPU unlike the i3’s dual core. This modest change to the MacBook Air makes the machine ideal for all but the most demanding of tasks. It is likely this will be Apple’s major seller in the line. Traditionally it has held this position.

The machine will let you write documents of any nature, browse the web and just deal with general operations. The one thing that you may think about is if you do a lot of heavy duty graphics performance tasks. If you do a lot of video work in particular you might want to upgrade as although the MacBook Air is good at discrete tasks of this nature, long and continuous tasks stretch the machine.

The machine that has really seen a significant change and boost though is the Macbook Pro. Like the MacBook Air the Macbook Pro has the new Magic Keyboard which is a beaut, the tenth gen i5 processor which can sustain a higher base clock rate and fast DDR4 memory.

The Macbook Pro Tenth Gen

If you can afford to go the extra mile, the Macbook Pro is likely to meet your portability needs well while at the same time providing you the kind of power to meet most computing needs. A long with the hardware mentioned above, the heat control is far superior to that of the MacBook Air. Thus, the machine is likely to throttle down less maintaining continuous speed requirements which makes a significant difference. The unit is very impressive.

Like the MacBook Air and now the entire portable line, the machine is outfitted with the Magic Keyboard. This keyboard is a gem to write with. Unlike the butterfly keyboard before it, the keys have good travel and just feel so much better. Breakdown of the keyboard is considered far less likely.

Some people, especially writers, can write continuously for hours a day. A good keyboard can make the difference between sustaining this level of impact. Where it comes to writing, the less distracting the environment the more that is likely to be accomplished. Backed by a solid system, it is easier to maintain one’s flow.

The less Stealthy of the Two Macbook Pro’s

The eighth gen equipped Macbook Pro comes equipped with the same Magic Keyboard but it’s internals are based on an older CPU and memory design. The system is a good one and can save money but for a few extra dollars you can get yourself a unit that is geared for the more demanding tasks.

If you feel though you just need a bit more power than the MacBook Air can deliver this might be the unit for you. It is more powerful than the MacBook Air but isn’t as robust as the tenth gen system. All in all I lean to the tenth gen if you’re going to move from the Air.

Meeting Needs more Specifically

Not only is the new lineup of Macbooks more consistent but they meet user needs more specifically. For the vast array of users, the MacBook Air should likely meet your computing needs especially if the processor and the memory are bumped up.

For those that find their system is struggling under load it is time to consider the Macbook Pro 13 or 16 inch. Going to a 13” you will have a good balance of portability with power. If you move to the 13” I would highly recommend the tenth gen CPU and if you have a tendency to run a number of applications you will be well served by 32 gigs of memory. Macs tend to like memory and since you can’t change this after ordering the machine you’re better to order the memory up front.

You’ll be surprised how well the 13” Macbook Pro with a tenth gen i5 and 32 gigs of memory runs. For all but the most demanding of scenarios you will want to consider the 16 inch machine. It is not as portable but brings more cores to the table and the ability to go to 64 gigs of memory.

Apple has a really nice lineup of Macbooks now. It’s just a matter of lining up the computer and your budget to your needs. Ultimately, you should be very happy with the new Magic Keyboard and the variety of configurations that can be brought to bear to provide for a superb compute environment.

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