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by Kerry Dawson

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It wasn’t long ago we were complaining about the loss of the headphone jack led by Apple on their iPhone 7. The idea was people would go wireless or more specifically Bluetooth on the iPhone for the headset market. Bose BlueTooth Earphones are amongst the best if not the best to provide high quality, wireless music.

Interestingly, this has happened with primarily one hold out that being LG. LG though provides a quad core DAC that dramatically improves our music but only via a wired connection. It seems though that not many are missing the wired connection and for a mobile it might make a lot of sense.

Bose Continues to be a High Quality Product

Apple has their iPod Pro’s which have done very well in the market. There are many though that look for a higher quality of sound than that delivered by the iPod Pro’s.

As an example, Sennheiser’s Momentum 2 with wireless noise reduction is a highly rated product. A product that should not be over looked though are two outstand earphones from Bose. The Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones are truly wireless and although they do not have noise cancellation they have an amazing capacity to cut out a lot of extraneous noise.

The there’s the Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones that do come with exceptional noise cancellation functionality. Both of these headphones have the superb sound quality that Bose is known for.

Bose SoundSport Truly Free Wireless Sport Headphones


These headphones are extremely good units with rich but balanced sound quality. They sport the extremely useful tips that prevent the units from slipping from the ear which is very important especially if they are being used for any form of exercize. In the case of the Apple headset, it is far too easy for a headphone to slip from the ear and not notice it. In the case of the Bose this is almost impossible.

Bose if also known for incredible sound quality and either of these headphones do not lack in this regard. Using one set and then another from a competitor is the best way to see the difference. Many users swear by Bose and the way they damper external sound almost makes them seem like they have Active Noise Cancellation.

Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones for Active Noise Cancellation

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If you do want a pair of Bose that do have ANC then these are ideal. The piece that sits around the neck is not noticeable in the least but has a nice effect. You can pull a unit from your ear and let it dangle without worrying about loss or even what ear the earphone should go out. These headphones provide both exceptional sound quality with ANC and also the advantage that loss of a headphone is highly unlikely.

More Styles Available but these Two are by far the Best

Although Bose offers other style of earphones these two in particular stand out for the quality of the sound they produce and the comfort along with the security you will not likely lose them. In your search for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones you cannot go wrong considering the Bose. In some ways they might not be considered as advanced as other makes however, that is far from the case. Satisfaction of sound quality has always been high on Bose list and you will not be disappointed with either of these products.

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