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Apple‘s Hi, Speed Presentation a Hit

by Kerry Dawson


Apple announced on Oct 13 2020 likely one of their strongest product presentations. Although Apple’s iPhone lineup was strong prior to the presentation it was somewhat disjointed. The Pro products were the only AMOLED screen based products and their Homepod has met with very luke warm success. As of yesterday, everything has changed.

The new small Homepod, priced at only $99, will likely be a hit. It supposedly provides high quality sound but in a small package similarly designed to the Homepod. More importantly though, it is expected that this device will be the hub in a smart home. The evolution of the Smart-home began in earnest about two years ago and is picking up steam. Apple had a very weak presence in this market. This should likely change.

The New Homepod Mini


One of the reasons the Homepod itself didn’t do overly well was it was considered quite expensive for what you got. It was $299 USD or $399 CDN which is not a small sum of money.

It was uniquely designed from an engineering perspective to produce fantastic sound quality and this it did. However, as Marques Brownlee put it, the device was a great smart speaker that was ultimately dumb. People were having trouble finding the value for the price.

However, with the Homepod mini it is very reasonably priced and is based on the design of the original Homepod. It is expected to have fantastic sound quality but also to be a hub to the smart home. This is impressive.

The smart home is taking on depth and products to operate the smart home are taking off. When I refer to the smart home I’m talking about your hub controlling such things as:

  • the lights
  • coffee maker
  • stove
  • garage door
  • and on it goes

The Homepod mini will likely be successful as not only will it support the smart-home, which other products do, but will have great sound quality. Other products would have to have this level of sound quality along with being a hub to be as successful. One of the unique things about the Homepod is it works in a 360 degree range unlike other speakers which project outwardly.

Potential Downside

One of the big problems with current Homepod is you have to have an Apple Music account. If you use Youtube you get Youtube music. This is a good system but you’re not able to use your Youtube music subscription with the current Homepod which is a major of failing of the device. Many people love watching Youtube but why should anyone be forced to have two music systems if they don’t really need that. Unfortunately, at this time of writing you have to have Apple Music with Homepod.

However, with the new Homepod mini this is not the case. You can no use alternate services.

Other than the price of the original Homepod relative to what you got this has been a major source of contention. Apple’s closed environment is making some things unnecessarily difficult. On the other hand, everything in the Apple ecosystem works so well with together. Having an ecosystem is fine but these kind of constraints should not be necessary. This seems to be driven solely for money reasons and this is not acceptable. The ecosystem would still work well even if you allowed a user to use Spotify as an example.

The iPhone 12 Lineup will Likely be a Big Hit


Apple’s phones have always been known to be easy to use, reliable, well built, great performers yet expensive. Prior to the introduction of the iPhone 12 line of phones, the phones themselves, although good, have been somewhat inconsistent. As an example, the iPhone 11 had an LCD panel whereas the pros had AMOLED panels considered to be far superior. With the iPhone 12 lineup this all changes. All the phones have the same OLED panels with the same chipset however, crossing different specs and prices.

In Apple’s complete lineup of iPhones, there is likely a phone for someone at different price points. You can determine your budget and requirements and come up with a phone that meets those requirements. Additionally, the lineup is very logical starting with the iPhone SE at the lower end ($399 USD) all the way to the iPhone Pro Max at the high end ($1099 USD). Each phone in the line not only comes in at a certain price point but tends to have some unique quality.

Apple’s line of phones are as follows:

  • iPhone SE ($399)
  • iPhone XR ($499)
  • iPhone 11 ($599)
  • iPhone Mini ($699)
  • iPhone 12 ($799)
  • iPhone 12 Pro ($999)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max ($1099)

Apple has never had such a range of phones so logically lined up with a price point for almost anyone.

This is, to say the least, extremely impressive. Apple obviously wants to make sure they have a phone for everyone. As an example, those that want an AMOLED screen will need to look at the iPhone 12s. However, there are some who prefer the LCD screen. They would need to look at the phones beneath the iPhone 12.

All Models are Powerfully Spec’d

There is not a phone in the lineup that isn’t considered powerful. Most phones have an A13 and above while the XR has an A12. The A12 is considered a very powerful chip. No one should concern themselves with performance as that won’t be issue for anyone now and well into the future.

What you will want to consider is how much you’d like to spend; the physical size of the phone; the screen and your personal preference around colour. The phones themselves in each line range in colours form the very colourful iPhone SE, XR and 11 to the more modest iPhone 12 line. Colour itself can be a major consideration for some whereas others prefer the more stately colours found in the iPhone 12 lineup.

The New iPhone 12s are Expected to Sell Well

Apple could have a major hit on their hands. The reviewers – both the tech analysts and financial analysts – are very positive about the phones. With a complete new redesign; AMOLED screens on all the phones and powered by the A14 chipset, they are not just powerful but they pack a tremendous design punch from their physical design through to the beautiful AMOLED screens.

Apple has done it right! These phones are not just beauts but they have the best software on the market and operate in the most fluid ecosystem. The reality of all Apple’s tech or for that matter anyone’s is that it is all about software. It is what you do with the phone that is so powerful. If there was a lack of software that would be a problem. However, Apple is considered to have the best array of software in the industry and to provide the best software experience. Software is what these tools are all about and no one can beat the Apple experience.

Though cross platform has become critical to tech functionality, the other platforms are playing catch up to Apple. Not everyone will have an Apple phone however, this new line is likely to put a lot more 5g Apple phones into the market thus driving the 5g infrastructure rollout. Android is the other significant platform and cross platform will continue to be essential to business and even personal functionality. However, Apple will likely put more of their phones in people’s hands continuing to make them the one to both catch up to and if possible beat.

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