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Iphone 12 pro

Today I was able to purchase an iPhone 12 Pro in Graphite which matched the Graphite Series 6 watch I purchased about a month ago. I decided I wanted the pro primarily for a couple of reasons specifically:

  • the 128 gigs of storage which I would have had to pay extra for if I had just gotten the 12
  • primarily though for the 6 gigs of RAM the pro’s come with. I am very big on the more RAM the better, within reason of course but 6 gigs can only be construed as a benefit

There are cosmetic aspects that add to the watch such as the stainless border but to me that is just icing on the cake.

Size and Weight

Iphone 12 pro technizio concept

The other aspects of the phone that attracted me were the size and weight. I always found my iPhone 11 Pro Max too heavy although it’s size didn’t bother me. However, I view the 6.1” of the iPhone 12 pro the sweet spot. It is not too small as I found the iPhone 11 pro so it is just:

  • the right size
  • perfect weight
  • feels good in the hand

Oddly I Find the A14 chip Noticeably Faster

I didn’t really think anything could run any faster than the iPhone 11 Pro/Max with its A13 chipset. The iPhone 12 though runs faster and this is a nice plus.

Another very nice plus of the whole series of iPhone 12’s is the AMOLED display which is stunning. Again, the advantage of the pro’s is they are a bit brighter than the iPhone 12. The pro’s can reach a peak brightness of 800 nits over the 625 nits of the iPhone 12 but where this really pays off is in outdoor light.

These advantages of the Pro model, for the little extra money, made them well worth the investment. I feel like I finally have a cell phone that is just right. It runs all the apps I use in a full Apple ecosystem; is the right size and weight with tremendous hardware that is very premium.

The one thing reviewers are critical of is the lack of a promotion display but honestly, on an iPhone, this makes no difference to me. The Samsung s20/+ needs this to smooth out Android. The iPhone runs extremely smooth and I don’t even think about or notice it does not have promotion for the display.

Was this a Worthwhile upgrade from my 11 Pro Max

This upgrade is so worth it. I really wasn’t sure at the time I first looked at it but with the 128 gb over my 64 gb on the 11, I was heavily leaning towards the upgrade. Once I found out it had 6 gb of RAM I was sold.

Then there is the size and the weighting and I couldn’t be more thrilled. For a long while I felt I was walking around in a Smartphone kind of “it’s just not quite right”. That feeling has totally dissipated.

Is there anything I can criticize about my purchase. Absolutley nothing. Notice that 5g has not even entered into this conversation and that is simply it has no impact on me. I am generally in WIFI zones and when I’m not it is for brief periods on the cell network.

Further, although we suddenly seem to be hearing a lot about 5g, there just isn’t the profieration of 5g at this point for it to be important. I live in Toronto and I know the cell companies are working on their deployment but I see significant coverage a ways off. When it arrives I’m ready with my iPhone 12 pro 5g.

For now, I am very happy with LTE for the amount I transfer on the cell network. If I stream my music, it streams fine as do videos. I suppose if I were moving large files on the cell network it might make a difference. These tasks are left to my iMac Pro and iPad Pro. Though I use my cellphone all the time, the issues I had have all been dealt with using the 12 pro.

Some would say wait for the iPhone 13/pro’s but I am more than happy with my 12 pro. I’m glad I didn’t wait. This is one of those purchases I have literally not questioned. Will Apple do well with the device. I think they absolutely will. I’ve used Apple iPhones since the very beginning and have used Android’s of late. My Android days though, with the functionalith of the 12 pro and that of IOS 14 has solidly put me back in the iPhone camp.

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