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Apple’s New Macbook Air with m1 Chip

by Kerry Dawson


Apple’s Macbook Air has been popular since the day it came out. There’s more than one reason for this but in large part the Macbook Air was a very sophisticated and light design in a robust, easy to use package. The new Macbook Air with m1 chip is not a simple step up in performance but is a dramatic step up in performance. Getting a Macbook Air with the new M1 chip has never held such promise in terms of a leap in capability. The unit is still reasonably priced with a whole new level of performance which is astounding the reviewers.

When changes have happened in the past it has been incremental at best. There have been many upgrades but nothing as substantial as that of the M1. The M1 comes with a unified chipset including onboard memory for efficiency.

The m1 system does not need fan cooling to maintain it’s operation as it runs cool. Rather it requires integrated memory on the chip. Using ARM’S RISC technology and time and experience with the system on the iPhone and iPad they have well refined the M1 system to delver outstanding performance.

A Generational Leap

The M1 is being seen as a generational leap in performance rather than just a simple upgrade. Intel would often move their chipset from a gen 8 to gen 9 and then gen 10. Each gen might bring with it additional performance, reduced heat and better efficiency. However, the M1 is not considered a mere increase in performance but a complete leap in capabilities. Performance can be 3 to 5 times as fast as that which came just before it. It is actually blowing testers out of the water when they see these stunning results.

Systems to Date

The M1 chipset is available on the:

  • Macbook Air
  • Macbook Pro
  • Mac Mini

Eventually, Apple’s entire line will be converted to the m1 chipset. These systems have altered the landscape and cause disruption in the environment. Intel PC’s that might have been seen as competitve are no longer. To coin a phrase, they are eating Apple’s dust.

The Macbook Air has moved from just a general, good all around performer for most people to a fantastic system for everyone. There is no one who cannot benefit from the new Macbook Air equipped with the m1 chipset. This is only the beginning. Long term, great things are expected.

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