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Third Apple Event on Nov 10 2020 at 1pm EST

by Kerry Dawson

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Apple is holding its third event or product presentation this fall on November 13. They normally have one fall show in which they announce all their new products. This year, they have divided their product releases over three shows. The next presentation is scheduled to take place tomorrow on Tuesday Nov. 10 2020.

Apple Silicon

The major announcement expected during this presentation has to do with Apple’s conversion to their own silicon based chipset to power their computers. Their chips have traditionally powered the iPhone, iPad and other devices except their computers. They are expected to announce the first Apple based silicon Mac at this show. There is a bit of discrepancy though as to what’s to be announced.

Third Major Conversion

This will be Apple’s third major CPU conversion through the history of the Mac. The first was the move from the Motorola/IBM 68k architecture to the PowerPC. The next major conversion was to the Intel x86. Now we are seeing the conversion to Apple’s own in house silicon the A series and likely the first chip will be the A14.

The chipset is based on the ARM instruction set and the CPU is considered very powerful. It utilizes the 5 nanometer process making it very efficient. The chip does not need fan cooling so it is expected to be quiet. Further, since Apple will now have complete control of the hardware and the software the machines are expected to be fast and efficient.

The one thing that might hold someone back from switching is the need to run Windows software. The intel chip can do this handily. Apple’s A series chip is not expected to be able to do this. Otherwise, there would be no reason not to convert. Until we actually see a unit in action, the benefits are speculative at this point but they are suspected to be very strong.

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