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Samsung’s s21 Series of Smartphones

by Kerry Dawson


Samsung has just released three new Smartphones in its s21 series. They are:

  • s21
  • s21 +
  • s21 Ultra

These phones have all received a positive reception from various analysts.

There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, the prices have been dropped from the ludicrously expensive s20 series and secondly they have better functionality and design. The Ultra this time around is getting the most praise.



Although some functionality has been removed from this series more significantly is the price reductions. The phones now cost as follows in Canadian dollars:

  • s21 – $1129.00
  • s21 + – $1399.99
  • Ultra – $1649.99

This is approximately $200 less each from the s20 series on launch. It is commonly accepted that one of the reasons the s20 series sold so poorly was its ridiculously high prices.

Functionality and Design

From a design perspective, the phones look much smarter than the s20 series. The colours are more radiant with a larger choice. The camera melds into the body better with a distinct contrast to the overall package. The s21 has a polycarbonate back but it is still impressive.

The phones functionality has primarily changed in only a couple major ways. Expanded storage is gone. However, they are using the latest chipsets and Android 11 with OneUI 3 making them much more robust.

The performance of the cameras has improved significantly. The Ultra, which came under criticism in the s20 series, are the most powerful cameras of the bunch now. However, the other two phones cameras have improved camera functionality dramatically.

Considered Winners Overall

The phones, although some functionality has been lost, other important functionality has been added. Now the phones can run at variable MHZ range extending battery life while running at a higher resolution. That is the phones screens run faster and smoother while using the speed requirement that is necessary so that battery isn’t being unnecessarily wasted.

With a trade-in the phone can be had at a fairly good price but regardless, if you pre-order you get a couple of bonus gifts from Samsung. Additionally, the phones are approximately $200 less than the s20 series while being overall nicer in design and functionality.

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