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Canary Mail for Apple and Android provides End to End Encryption

by Kerry Dawson


Canary Mail is a wonderful email app chock full of features but in an easy to understand interface. In these days where privacy is of tremendous concern the package provides end to end encryption of your email. This is probably its most significant feature and the most important feature. Beyond that it has a tremendous feature set that is a substantial aid in managing your email. Using Canary Mail not only improves your email workflow but you can put your mind at ease knowing that it has bar none security.


In this day and age, privacy cannot be taken as a given. Systems are monitoring our email and looking for patterns to target advertise to us. If valuable information falls into the wrong hands though we might find ourselves scrambling to shore up a problem if we know about it fast enough. However, using Canary Mail it is simply one thing less to worry about.

When you think about your communications, at a simple level, it might be just updating people on what’s up. However, many emails contain sensitive information which, if it were to fall into the wrong hands, could lead to a serious situation. If you’re transmitting banking information, you might find out your accounts are compromised. At the worst, you could have your identity stolen.

Simply put, Canary Mail’s encryption is likely its most valuable asset. However, the package is loaded with both basic and advanced functionality to aid you in getting through what has for some become a deluge of mail and information.

A Well Rounded Feature Set

Canary Mail uses a standard interface allowing for easy and quick learning of the system. However, it has some outstanding features such as:

  • double checkmarks returned when your email has been read
  • snoozing an email
  • followup reminders so that you don’t forget you need to do something
  • natural language search
  • inbox filters

Additionally, it has a host of functionality matching other email clients. As such, getting through email is both more efficient and effective. It will be less likely that you will forget something using reminders, pin or snooze.

Fully Cross Platform with Android


Another very nice feature of Canary Mail is it is fully cross platform with Android. What you learn on the Mac is portable to Android. Most new apps created now are cross platform and this is important not only to an individual worker but for those that work in a team. Information has to be available to all members of a team.

The Most Important Feature Though

Canary Mail hosts valuable features such as read mail notifications. The most valuable features though are its end to end encryption capability for security and that it is cross platform. Once learned it can be used on any device.

The trend to cross platform is important for more than one reason. In the case of Canary Mail it reduces training time if you use an Apple device or an Android. IMAP the protocol for the mail item ensures the information itself is the same.


The Apple environment has a host of great third party email apps that one can choose between. However, Canary Mail is a standout for a variety reasons as discussed. Anything we can do to enhance our privacy and security should not be viewed lightly. Although we don’t like dealing with security issues, there is much that we communicate through email that we would not want to fall into wrong hands.

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