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s21 Ultra vs the s20 Ultra

by Kerry Dawson

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Over ten years ago the the die was cast and we entered a new era of mobile products first starting with the smartphone and moving on to the smartwatch. Prior to 2007, when Steve Job’s presented the iPhone, he was convinced the mobile space needed reinvention. He was right. The iPhone, version 3, exploded and began to leave dust in its wake. Hardest hit was the Blackberry whose phones dominated began to fall and the final results are now history.

Google had been preparing its own version of a Smartphone operating system called Android, which was based on Linux, today dominates the smartphone space. However, they did this once they got wind of Apple’s marketing strategy and followed that.

Over the years Google could have gone the way of Windows CE, which eventually died, had they not chosen to do what Apple was inherently doing. As such, Google dominates about 75–80% of the world’s Smartphones from a variety of vendors the least of not which is Samsung. Google licenses a plethora of the OS to numerous Android manufacturers greatly increasing choice and competition.

Samsung however, has been Apple’s number rival. They really increased the anti with introduction of the new s10s and beyond series. The s20 series never lived up to expectation however, the new s21 series seems to have bagged it for Samsung. In this series, it is their top end phone that gets nothing but rave reviews. For all the problems the s20 Ultra had, Samsung has fixed those and now have a flagship product bar non that is impressive to say the least.

The s20 Ultras Were Lacking Especially with respect to the Camera System

Samsung’s s20 Ultra was initially perceived as revolutionary. The 100x’s zoom was viewed as amazing. However, it quickly turned out the camera system did perform properly. Problems with focusing the zoom camera was the first to reveal itself. Software updates did not correct this situation. As such, the 100 x zoom became the s20s Achilles heel.

Additionally, changing focus on an object proved problematic. The system did not adjust quickly enough. It took time for something to come into focus generally ruining the shot the person was going to take.

As the year progressed and software updates did not correct the problem and thus the s20 ended up being an expensive device that simply didn’t deliver. The s20 Ultra did not sell well.

Body and Colours

The s20 series as a whole was considered less than stellar. The colours available were not exciting in any fashion. The body itself was a fingerprint magnet.

This was Samsung’s most expensive line of devices in their history and it turned out to be an expensive dud of a line. Most were stunned by the pricing. Add to that an unimpressive looking device that didn’t work as advertised and this was a recipe for disaster.

s21 Fixed it All

The s21 series came in $200 less. The s21 Ultra fixed the problems with zoom to eveyone’s delight. For those that wanted the kind of zoom the s20 Ultra delivered, they no longer had worry about it not working. Further, focusing on an object was flawless.

The s21 series and most specifically the s21 Ultra delivers. It has been met very positively by most reviewers. If you go to Youtube there is not one reviewer who is not impressed with the Ultra. This time around, Samsung seems to have poured its efforts into the Ultra and it has paid off.

The Phantom Black Ultra has been met with incredibly positive acceptance. It is definitely a stunner of a phone. As long as the software and ecosystem work for you, you will have what is being considered Android’s best phone on the market.

s20’s at a Bargain but s21 Ultra cannot be matched

S20’s can still be had. In the s20 series the s20+ is likely the best choice amongst these devices. It has a great battery, high PPI resolution and the 865 is still a powerful chip.

In the s21 series the Ultra, for the extra money, is the device to get. It has everything and it all works. Instead of having to choose between your refresh rate and your screen resolution, the s21 Ultra has adaptive screen refresh. You can have the best screen refresh rate along with the highest resolution. With its 5000 MAH battery it will get you through a whole day. Although the s21 is expensive, it is currently the best device on the market.

The rest of the s21 line is nothing to sneeze at but the line cannot boast in whole what the ultra can. The ultra is getting the lions share of the attention and it is well deserved.

The ultra is not a cheap phone and it is not for everyone. However, if it falls within your budget, you can pretty well use this phone for all forms of photography and video. There is little need to carry a camera with you. The device is your camera, phone and provided it meets your software requirements, a comprehensive smartphone. This is really the first phone to give the iPhone a run for its money.

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