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Author: Kerry Dawson

When you exist in what is referred to as the Apple ecosystem, you might feel you have to constrain yourself to an Apple Smartphone. Using an Apple Smartphone can make certain processes simpler and faster as Apple has built things to work with other things that are Apple. Airdrop (as outlined in the above noted […]
Now that the bad guys, so to speak, have found a different route to getting at our money and a cleaner one (no need for guns a blazing) we are very vulnerable to finding our accounts changing balance without our awareness. Those that hack systems are very intelligent and inventive. Using just the new household […]

Omnifocus and Android

On June 15, 2018
There are many who use Omnifocus who have an Android phone now but would prefer not to give up their Omnifocus. They could easily switch to an alternate but they prefer their Omnifocus. Running a task manager without it running on the mobile is certainly possible but it is counter-productive. Focus GTD For those that […]
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