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Category: Android

In an article by Derek Walter titled “Report: Google ‘tightening the screws’ on Android manufacturers” Google is supposedly trying to regain control of the Android franchise. Fragmentation of Android is a very real thing and it is affecting the user experience. It is also affecting Google in that companies, primarily Samsung, are going off in […]
One thing in computing that’s always considered a great plus is integration or the ability of a system to be able to work with another system. This is generally refered to as open systems and the manner in which this works is the adoption of standards. Standards that have been developed by a vendor and […]
Blackberry Messenger, which is commonly referred to as just BBM, is a great chat tool. It was the first of its kind that used its own network to allow unlimited chatting without the restrictions of text messaging (which there are few of now anyway). Apple’s iMessage came along more or less as a duplicate of […]
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