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Category: Blackberry

The move to cross platform – that is, beyond the Apple ecosystem – to Android, Windows, OSX and IOS can be accomplished however, this can be either difficult or not so bad. Exchange, provided there is support for Exchange in your ecosystem, is one way to do this and it can work well. Yet, not […]

The Tyranny of Tech

On October 11, 2016

One thing, as we have explored tech as it stands and is evolving, is its dual sidedness. On the one hand, we always have put out great hope for the evolution of tech and making our lives more comforta

After it was revealed that iPhone sales dropped for the first time since the iconic product’s launch in 2007, some experts have gone as far as calling for Apple CEO Tim Cook to step down. Mighty savior, or just a pretty face? “Apple doesn’t need a traffic cop, it needs a visionary.” Thus wrote music […]
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