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Category: iPad

After it was revealed that iPhone sales dropped for the first time since the iconic product’s launch in 2007, some experts have gone as far as calling for Apple CEO Tim Cook to step down. Mighty savior, or just a pretty face? “Apple doesn’t need a traffic cop, it needs a visionary.” Thus wrote music […]

Dispatch or Mail Pilot or …

On October 25, 2015
Mail has become the rallying cry amongst those who use computers and are buried in the stuff. Once viewed as the team behind the chef in the kitchen to ensure things get down, the opposite has occurred. Mail has become this overwhelming if not chaotic caldron of the witches brew wreaking havoc on things we’re […]
Lately at the Daily Mac View we’ve been looking at Notebooks and their value. There are so many Notebooks for any system it’s mind boggling. We have thus looked at Notebooks from the point of view of structured vs the unstructured. DEVONthink Pro Office would be considered, as an example, a highly structured Notebook and […]
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