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Category: OSX


A Fresh Look: A “New” Name

On January 27, 2016
Over the last while, you might have noticed some fairly substantial changes to our group of sites. The group started off as: The Mac View The Daily Mac View We first began enhancing the sites with a wider diversity of content of which we still need to do some work to get users to take […]
In this article, I speak not as a knowledgeable inside Apple person nor as having uncovered buried facts but as an informed outside observer who happened to be a Beta tester of both Yosemite and El Capitan. Yosemite seemed like one of the longest hauls since I had begun using a Mac in 1984. At […]
The Mac and your Windowing environment go hand in hand. That’s how the Mac evolved to become the Mac. Really, when thinking about it, it was the Mouse and the Windowing Environment that will fit perfectly in this discussion. More than Ever In this article I intend to talk about five apps that can be […]
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