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LG’s Turnaround in the Making

On September 6, 2018
I was first a Palm, then Blackberry user for quite a while. I then was an iPhone user for 7 years. It was around this time I started getting queries on Android and since I am a major believer in Open Systems I was intrigued. However, I realized I need to immerse myself in Android […]
In today’s smartphone market, there are plenty of great mobile device options to choose from depending on your preference. Apple, Samsung, and other Android-based manufacturers all offer unique features and benefits. Depending on user preference, features as varied as near-professional grade cameras to strong gaming support are offered. These are all enticing features that allow […]
Things 3 just recently came out. It is Apple’s editors choice for a Task Management system. It is, no doubt, very nicely done. At first blush, you wonder what’s in this thing. However, it doesn’t take much time to realize there is a ton of functionality buried in the product. It has a very clean […]
Something definitely different is happening. When people refer to cross platform they are often talking IOS to OSX. They are definitely two different platforms but IOS is built on the foundation of OSX. Cross platform is really about an application truly crossing platforms. It is about Windows applications running transparently on the Mac. It is […]
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