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It’s odd. Everyone worried what would become of Apple when Steve Jobs was gone. For the years since, we are coasting on his genius; his ability to come up with products people wanted. Everything in the product sales kit is basically Steve Job’s evolved. Jobs had vision while Cook is a financial guy. He’s been […]
If say you have an iPod Touch and get an iPhone either on your own or as a gift or what have you, there might be a good reason just to hang onto you iPod especially if you like listening to music (this scenario is not for everyone but is something to consider). All of […]
As technology coalesces and systems differ more by looks than substance. It’s hard to determine what to choose as your platform. At one time, certain platforms only ran certain applications. This is becoming less the case as more applications run equally on the different platforms. This makes it more difficult to determine which platform one […]
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