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If say you have an iPod Touch and get an iPhone either on your own or as a gift or what have you, there might be a good reason just to hang onto you iPod especially if you like listening to music (this scenario is not for everyone but is something to consider). All of […]

Is the iPhone X Dead?

On March 15, 2018

Now that the iPhone X has been out more than four months, the big question that is being asked is whether the iPhone X is dead. The real answer to that is it has, in no way, met Apple’s sales expect

The iPhone X might have a short life after all. In this MacRumours Article, they basically are stating that Apple would rather get rid of the iPhone X than reduce the price and cannibalize other product. Titled “KGI: Apple to Discontinue iPhone X Rather Than Sell at Lower Price When Second-Generation Model Launches” it is […]
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