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Tag: Mac

Day One vs Journey

On December 31, 2017

Journaling has always been considered a valuable activity for both mental health, reflection, providing context to your life and stimulating your brain. I have written about this in the past and want

CalcPAD is really a notepad that at the same time is a very powerful calculator. This probably all started with Soulver. Calculations are sometimes very simple. Calculations can also be simple but involve a lot of steps. We might have a list of the calculations but to remember what each item stands for is not […]
The current and first generation of this ilk of Mac Pro was announced almost four years ago in the spring of 2013. By December of that year Apple was beginning to take orders but it was only until about February of 2014 that they could take orders in any meaningful way. People were very excited […]
WWDC 2016; 1 Miss and 3 Hits WWDC 2016 was more interesting this year than it has been for a while. I actually found it fun to watch and was quite engaged. I felt Apple had 3 hits and only 1 miss in its mixture of product releases to come along. Provided they deliver on […]
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