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There are a number of the original GTD task managers that have a problem that will continue to grow problematically with time. The problem I would say in nutshell is that these useful, mature and powerful programs are Mac only. None of the programs I will discuss runs cross platform or that is none of […]

Things 3 and Todoist

On June 14, 2017

Things 3 has shaken things up a bit. Although it is not cross platform (only runs the Mac ecosystem), the way Todoist is, it is also outright sale and not based on the subscription model something in

Productivity! The word is batted around like a ping pong ball at the World Championship ping pong games. The word unfortunately has become cliche. Yet, when you have a demanding job or life, the idea of productivity is something that is very tangible. Being able to be more productive without expending inordinate amounts of energy […]
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