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Tag: Writing

I had been a Day One user for a number of years (probably since the day it came out) and was more than happy with it. When I decided to get an Android, Day One was ready on that front with an Android application as good as any app in the lineup. However, when they […]
Outlining is a very powerful tool to form or structure your document. There are numerous tools in the Mac app store that will provide you with the ability to Outline your document. In a previous article I on Circus Ponie’s Notebook I highlighted how powerful this tool is for outlining. In fact, there are numerous […]
You’re ready to write that book you’ve been dreaming about. Normally, contributor Alain Latour would be the first to say get down to it. But if you’re using Microsoft Word, Alain would urge you to learn how to use Literarture and Latte’s Scrivener software before you write a single word. Just your average word […]

“Write:” a Markdown Notepad

On February 22, 2014
Write is an IOS program that is soon to have an OSX counterpart. Write I would consider a Notepad as opposed to a Markdown editor but it certainly could play that role. What makes this an interesting notepad is two things. First, it is a full fledged, Markdown system. Secondly, especially in IOS, you can […]
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